The Rubicon OP Quest

Rubicon is part of Optimism Quests, an invitation to learn about and explore apps in the Optimism ecosystem and earn NFTs for using them! Quests begin today, September 20th at 18:00 UTC and are hosted on Galxe (formerly Project Galaxy).

To collect the NFT badge for a Quest, users must complete on-chain tasks on an Optimism app, complete a quiz about the app, and complete social tasks like following the project on Twitter or joining their Discord. If you collect enough unique badges from using Optimism apps, you may qualify for an upcoming OP NFT mint. 👀

The Rubicon Quest

The Rubicon Quest is learn-to-earn; you need to learn about the order book protocol and complete a short quiz before completing a few tasks to claim the NFT prize!

To start the Rubicon Quest, visit our Quest page and follow the steps there:

  • Learn how Rubicon works and complete the Quiz (answers are in the last section of this post)

  • Swap or Trade tokens on Rubicon (>$20)

  • Deposit crypto into a Rubicon liquidity pool (>$20)

  • Join our Discord server and verify yourself

  • Follow Rubicon on Twitter

Once these are done, you should be able to claim this NFT! (Please note there may be up to a 12-hour delay between completing these tasks and being able to claim the prize)

Rubicon's Quest NFT!
Rubicon's Quest NFT!

Learn About Rubicon

Rubicon is an order book protocol for Ethereum, built on Optimism. You can use it to swap tokens, trade with Limit Orders and Market Orders, or earn by providing liquidity to market makers. Answers for the Rubicon Quest Quiz can be found below!

Rubicon uses order books (a list of buy and sell orders for an asset organized by price level) to match traders. Rubicon order books are fully on-chain within the RubiconMarket smart contract, there are no off-chain servers or points of failure! For token swaps, our router contract finds the best price for the swap across the Rubicon order books.

When a trader submits a limit order on Rubicon, it sits on the order book contract and will automatically fill if the market price crosses the limit price, there is no maintenance or keeper bot required! Limit orders can be canceled on the Trade page under Open Orders or by interacting with the contract directly and calling cancel().

Since Rubicon order books are on-chain, all trades require gas fees that are paid in ETH. To save on gas fees, market makers can batch Rubicon orders together in a single transaction. In this example, a market maker on the OP/USDC pair cancels 10 outstanding orders and replaces them with 10 new orders in a single transaction, paying only $0.07 in gas! 🤯

Rubicon also has liquidity pools where users can supply liquidity to earn a share of market-making yield and as well as OP rewards. When a liquidity provider (LP) deposits tokens into a pool, they receive bathTokens, which represent their share of the underlying pool. Ex. LP deposits USDC and receives bathUSDC.

Rubicon Resources

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