Artist Spotlight (40th Edition)

Welcome to our 40th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Lucas Zanotto (Designer and Artist)

  • CĂ©sar Pelizer (Animator and Illustrator)

  • Antoine Formery (CG Artist)

  • Adam Wells (Designer and Animator)

  • Jean-Pierre Le Roux (Creative Director)

ETH Moods by Lucas Zanotto


Lucas Zanotto is a designer, animator, and director based in Helsinki, Finland. Lucas creates playful infinite loops of geometric objects with faces and personalities, often oscillating between motions and moods.

ETH Moods is an audiovisual, infinite loop of the Ethereum logo, visually representing the dual moods of those who hold the coin as it cycles between up and down states in the market.

A self-interpretation of this work is a playful and creative reconceptualization of the crypto fear and greed index.


Warm Summer’s Day by César Pelizer


CĂ©sar Pelizar is an animation director and illustrator born in SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil, and now based in London. His work explores character animation, conveying human emotions in various settings and situations.

César’s 3D characters and scenes are round, with little to no edges, and full of color and vibrancy, creating a sense of curiosity and playfulness.

Warm Summer’s Day depicts César’s colorful character enjoying a peaceful afternoon nap in a lush green field while reading a book.


Tour de France by Antoine Formery


Antoine Formery is a CG artist based in Paris, France, who graduated from the Boulle school in product design. There he discovered CGI, developing an interest for graphic creation and animation.

His work focuses on character animation, portraying vibrant and comedic scenes about rabbits, carrots, and sausage-characters who find themselves in peculiar situations.

Tour de France is a tribute to the young years of the Tour de France—depicting one of Antoine’s sausage-characters profusely sweating while riding his bike in one of the most challenging and grueling sporting events in the world.


A Painting by Adam Wells


Adam Wells is a designer and animator from the UK, currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, creating 3D and 2D animations and illustrations.

Adam uses geometric shapes, vibrant color palettes, and inanimate objects, which he gives eyes to, playing on the concept of pareidolia: the illusion of seeing a facial structure in everyday objects.

A Painting is a picture of the picture and conceptually meta scene of a man in an art gallery looking at a painting of a director filming a motion picture.


Dopamine Rush by Jean-Pierre Le Roux


Jean-Pierre Le Roux is the creative director and founder of Arcade Studio, a creative studio of designers and animators who tell stories through animation and illustration.

Their work is playful and colorful, coalescing simple shapes and bold colors to create engaging stories with characters full of personality.

Dopamine Rush is a fun 3D character animation of the ultra satisfaction experienced from a rush of likes on social media.

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