Artist Spotlight (34th Edition)

Welcome to our 34th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Nik.Vct (Generative and 3D Digital Artist)

  • Drey (Generative Artist)

  • Costa Chung (Coder and Generative Artist)

  • lunarean (Creative Coder)

  • Ager (Student and Generative Artist)

Classic generative landscape V2 by Nik.Vct


Nik.Vct is an engineer-turned-generative and 3D artist who began creating 3D work using computer-aided design (CAD) until one day—he discovered generative art in a gallery while researching the work of other 3D artists.

The ability to create art with code became a turning point in Nik’s creative journey which sparked new and innovative ideas in his work, prompting an exploration of various concepts using geometric shapes, lines, and random effects.

Classic generative landscape V2 is a minimalistic generative series exploring forms of mountainous landscapes in day and night scenes, conveyed using a variety of textures and bold and contrasting color palettes.

Classic generative landscape V2 #54
Classic generative landscape V2 #54

Alpinism by Drey


Drey is a generative artist who seeks to find beauty in algorithms, through procedural works that range from vibrant, neon-colored geometric shapes to natural forms expressed using textural patterns.

Alpinism is a generative series created as a tribute to the rugged and wild landscapes that rise around us, which may at once intrigue, impress, intimidate, and inspire.

Each piece begins with the concept of a mountain landscape, with several ranges drawn by pen in one of three styles.

Within each style is a spectrum of variation that produces different drawn qualities. The backdrop may be a sky, an impossible sunset, or a piece of parchment.

Alpinism #62
Alpinism #62

Tears of the Mountains by Costa Chung


Costa Chung, aka OneRocket, is a creative coder and generative artist from Hong Kong, creating conceptual generative works, coalescing patterns, shapes, light, and shadows.

Tears of the Mountains is a generative art collection that showcases emotions ranging from tears of happiness to boundless optimism.

Inspired by Edgar Payne, Costa infused his creative perspective into this series, considering essential components such as value, composition, and the rule of thirds.

Tears of the Mountains #33
Tears of the Mountains #33

Solace by lunarean


lunarean is a generative artist and creative coder who creates procedural works using p5.js and underlying algorithms containing simple sets of rules which produce intricate and unpredictable outputs.

Solace is a an algorithm that generates dunes, drawn from hundreds of thousands of tiny points according to a probability distribution calculated from the positions of the dunes.

The logic dividing the dunes into light and dark sides is simple yet produces interesting and chaotic behaviors.

Some details aren’t hard-coded but emerged organically, such as the patterns on the spines of the dunes or the stripes around their bases.

Solace #115
Solace #115

The landscape that belongs to you by Ager


Ager is a student who learned to create artwork with code through a semester-long course at the National Chengchi University, where students learned about markets, art appreciation, and creation.

The landscape that belongs to you is a small, lightweight generative series inspired by mountains and painted with soft colors.

It comes in two shapes: one representing the sea surface (smooth curve) and another featuring sharper edges like a mountain. Additionally, two color palettes are available, one for the day and one for the night.

The landscape that belongs to you #46
The landscape that belongs to you #46
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