Artist Spotlight (21st Edition)

Welcome to our 21st edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Matt DesLauriers (Artist and Creative Coder)

  • Melissa Wiederrecht (Generative Artist)

  • Omar Lobato (Programmer and Digital Artist)

  • Kelly Milligan (Generative Artist)

  • Ryan Struhl (Generative Artist)

Meridian #150 by Matt DesLauriers


Matt DesLauriers is a London-based artist, creative coder, and generative art advocate with a diverse body of work exploring color and natural forms.

Meridian #150 is part of Matt’s Meridian series, representing stratified landforms constructed from many small strokes of color.


Sudfah #16 by Melissa Wiederrecht


Melissa Wiederrecht is an American generative artist based in Saudi Arabia. Her work explores paradoxical concepts using color, blurs, texture, and linework.

Sudfah #16 is part of Melissa’s Sudfah series—a generative collection celebrating the beauty that can emerge from chaos, mistakes, and accidents.


Stains on a Canvas by Omar Lobato


Omar Lobato is a programmer, digital artist, and music producer from Minas Gerais, Brazil, creating abstract generative works using texture, flow, and motion.

Stains on a Canvas #161 is part of Omar’s Stains on a Canvas series—displaying an exercise in simplicity, simulating stains of ink made through points and noise.


Act of Emotion by Kelly Milligan


Kelly Milligan is a New Zealand-based generative artist with a background in front-end and creative development. His interactive works convey movement using organic texture and bold colors.

Act of Emotion #298 is part of Kelly’s Act of Emotion series, investigating digitally-facilitated abstract expressionism—the act of painting as a means of expression, extended into mechanical reach.


Letter to My Future Self by Ryan Struhl


Ryan Struhl is a generative artist and software engineer based in Portland, Maine, who develops procedural works using geometric shapes and contrasting color palettes.

Letter to My Future Self #304 is part of Ryan’s Letters to My Future Self series, observing communication through time and expressing our collective hopes, fears, sadness, and love, captured forever on the blockchain.

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