Artist Spotlight (17th Edition)

Welcome to our 17th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Oreste Mercado (Photographer)

  • Jake Inez (Fine Art Photographer)

  • Cory Staudacher (Photographer)

  • Ray H. Mercado (Photographer)

  • Bao Tran Trung (Photographer)

Blurred by Oreste Mercado


Oreste Mercado is a Philadelphia-based photographer and visual artist capturing ethereal imagery that conveys concepts using light, motion, and color.

Blurred depicts a Ferris wheel in motion, conveying the feeling of life going on and the days blurring together.


Left Behind by Jake Inez


Jake Inez is a fine art photographer who coalesces the cinematic with the everyday, focused on romanticizing our most intimate moments and creating dreams out of reality.

Left Behind expresses a sense of longing and familiarity in a place once filled with joy and love.


Dark Days by Cory Staudacher


Cory Staudacher is a Seattle-based photographer who draws inspiration from simplicity and minimalism, creating visual moments of peace and joy.

Dark Days is a black and white scene conveying loneliness in the emptiness of life.


Nothing’s Really Changed by Ray H. Mercado


Ray Mercado is a photographer and visual artist from New York who captures surreal, narrative-based imagery of urban landscapes and cinematic street scenes.

Nothing’s Really Changed is reminiscent of Ray’s time in 2020 spent photographing civil rights protests in New York.

The scene makes a powerful statement: despite all our advancements, we still struggle with the same social issues more than 50 years later.


Warm Lights for The Cold Nights by Bao Tran Trung


Bao Tran Trung is a photographer and visual composer based in Vietnam, crafting nostalgic, conceptual works of urban and rural landscapes with an atmospheric motif.

Warm Lights for The Cold Nights depicts a cold evening scene in the city during a full moon.

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