Artist Spotlight (29th Edition)

Welcome to our 29th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Julien Rivoire (3D Artist)

  • Richard Perry (Visual Artist)

  • Ben Fryc (Digital Artist and Designer)

  • Oscar Pettersson (3D Motion Designer)

  • Miki Nemček (3D Artist)

SNES Super Snap by Julien Rivoire


Julien Rivoire is a 3D artist and art director based in Lyon, France, creating detailed 3D works that explore technology and design, conveyed using vibrant colors and textures.

SNES Super Snap is part of his Alternate Realities series, showcasing objects and products that exist solely in parallel universes.

This piece recontextualizes the original gun controller design for the Nintendo game Duck Hunt 2 into a retro point-and-shoot camera controller.


Transfer Station 2 by Richard Parry


Richard Parry is a photographer, designer, and visual artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. His work combines practical methodology with creative sensibility, creating intricate pieces with a taste for style and fun.

Transfer Station 2 is part of his Transfer Station collection—a series comprised of electronic waste sourced from local recyclers or donated directly from manufacturers, digitized using photogrammetry and arranged into a unique sculpture.




Ben Fryc is a Southeast Michigan-based digital artist and designer who creates sci-fi and abstract art that focuses on symmetry and balance, conveyed using bold lighting and continuous motion loops.

DIS/CONNECT is a floating computer and keyboard, modeled and animated in Cinema4D, rendered in Octane.

This piece conceptually explores the idea of what computers think about humans using them all the time. We may soon find out...


Darwood Dynamics by Oscar Pettersson


Oscar Pettersson is a Stockholm-based 3D motion designer who creates unique and mesmerizing animation loops that transform complexity into a geometric design with surrealistic texturing and infinite motion.

Darwood Dynamics is an audiovisual animation developed using a reverse workflow by Oscar in collaboration with Darwood Music, creating a visual accompaniment to a live recording.


Goodbye Design by Miki Nemček


Miki Nemček, aka Obsēdant, is a 3D artist and art director based in Europe, creating bold and original audiovisuals, coalescing rich colors, meticulous detail, and music compositions with a focus on rhythm.

Goodbye Design is a geniality of minimal design mixed with used retro flavor and playful accent colors of everyday objects. This piece is a conceptual reminder of how people slowly lose their relationship with true Good Design.

The entire work is driven by an excellent track from Dirty Art Club, providing a perfect match for the rhythmical aspect of the concept.

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