Artist Spotlight (26th Edition)

Welcome to our 26th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • De Crécy Geoffroy (Director and Illustrator)

  • Socmplxd (Multidisciplinary Artist)

  • Freemann (2D Vector Artist)

  • Jeremy Booth (2D Vector Artist)

  • Homer Carbone (Vector Illustrator)

Tokyo, magnitude 4.5 by De Crécy Geoffroy


De Crécy Geoffroy is a French director and illustrator creating graphic, geometric animation loops that depict familiar yet uninhabited environments.

Each scene conveys human behavior in their absence by focusing on and personifying everyday items and machines used.

Tokyo, magnitude 4.5 is part of De Crécy’s Richter series, exploring different places around the world, each experiencing three different earthquake magnitudes.


Corporate Dream by Socmplxd


Socmplxd is a multidisciplinary artist illustrating scenes, set in the past and present, of ordinary places and inanimate objects that convey a palpable feeling of nostalgia.

Corporate Dream is an illustration depicting the quintessential office in a corporate building, at a corporate job with all the usual suspects and one goal, grind to the top.


Sunny day in NY by Freemann


Freemann is a 2D vector artist from Portugal who creates illustrations and animated works portraying exterior and interior environments using bold color palettes and light with defining shadows.

Sunny day in NY depicts a bustling New York city street during a sunny day, set in the 1990s, with endless yellow taxis in traffic, moving bumper to bumper.


At Days End by Jeremy Booth


Jeremy Booth is a Kentucky-based 2D vector artist illustrating bold, Western-themed imagery with an emphasis on minimal color palettes, bold lines, and striking shadows.

At Days End is part of Jeremy’s Dirt series, romanticizing the Western lifestyle, landscape, and inhabitants who steward the land and preserve its cultural values.


Wild West by Homer Carbone


Homer Carbone is a vector illustrator who creates minimalistic works of interior scenes with exterior views that coalesce vibrant colors, subtle textures, and natural elements.

Wild West is the 11th addition to Homer’s Loungin collection, an illustrated series focused on rich colors, detailed perspectives, and minimalistic interiors with a slight touch of texture to complete them.

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