Artist Spotlight (10th Edition)

Welcome to our 10th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Alejandro Campos (Architect & Creative Coder)

  • Casey Reas (Procedural Artist)

  • Gønz (Visual Artist)

  • Sarah Ridgley (Generative Artist)

  • Omer Qayyum (Motion Graphics Designer)

n31 by Alejandro Campos


Alejandro Campos is an architect, researcher, and creative coder based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, experimenting with code and AI technology to create textural works that integrate motion, pattern, and color.

n31 is a part of Alejandro’s Sparsely Populated Grid series—an exploration of the field of Generative Cartographies, an abstract diagrammatic representation of a randomly generated area within the virtual IPFS world.

Phototaxis by Casey Reas


Casey Reas is a procedural artist and co-developer of Processing, a programming language built for the electronic arts. His visual works are conceptual and abstract, conveyed using code in multimedia art forms.

Phototaxis #0 is a part of Casey’s Phototaxis series—a simulated environment populated by simple machines.


The last big bang by Gønz


Gønz is a visual artist who creates multimedia works using generative abstract glitch patterns and colorful contrasted layering.

The last big bang was created by mixing pixel sorting, code, and digital software collage in a multi-pass generative and degenerative process.


After Me, Neverending by Sarah Ridgley


Sarah Ridgley is a generative artist focused on exploring the space between the hand-drawn and the computer-drawn and trying to blur those boundaries.

After Me, Neverending is a generative representation of Asemic poetry, a wordless open semantic form of writing that fuses text and image into unity and then sets it free to arbitrarily subjective interpretations.


Ups and Downs by Omer Qayyum


Omer Qayyum is a motion graphics designer and creative director who creates minimal, monochromatic works, utilizing motion to convey ideas.

Ups and Downs represents the ebbs and flows of living—capturing the meaningful moments of pain and beauty experienced throughout life’s journey.

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