Artist Spotlight (42nd Edition)

Welcome to our 42nd edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Nathan Ackley (Photographer)

  • Alex Kittoe (Photographer)

  • Matthieu BĂĽhler (Photographer)

  • Alex Fernández (Photographer)

  • Michael Sidofsky (Photographer)

The Construction of Chongqing by Nathan Ackley


Nathan Ackley is a game designer turned photographer based in Florida who started taking photographs as a hobby and a way to get out of the house to explore the city.

His work combines leading lines and distinctive lighting, encapsulating still moments in bustling urban environments.

The Construction of Chongqing captures the architecture of Raffles City Chongqing during its construction, which concluded in 2019.


Urban Greens by Alex Kittoe


Alex Kittoe is a photographer based in Denver, Colorado, who typically shoots on film, using color and natural light to convey a sense of calm in his work.

Urban Greens was taken on a cozy gloomy morning in New York City while observing the miles of concrete stacked on top of concrete.

However, as Alex further observed his surroundings, he realized the beautiful greens sprinkled throughout the never-ending urban landscape, which added a burst of color to a rather grey scene.


Tokyo Blocks by Matthieu BĂĽhler


Matthieu BĂĽhler is a German-French lead designer and photographer living in Tokyo, Japan, capturing urban landscapes, primarily during nighttime under neon lights.

Tokyo Blocks is a photograph of a Tokyo sunset illuminating an endless sea of colored blocks with thousands of lives and stories stacked upon one another.


The City by Alex Fernández


Alex Fernández is a Madrid-based photographer and cinematographer who creates conceptual works with the future and loneliness as his core themes.

These concepts represent different realities in his works to capture moments and create sequences that encourage people to reflect on life and emotion.

The City is a photograph of New York City on a cloudy evening with interior tungsten light scattered throughout the scene, capturing the scale of a place home to 8.468 million people.

New York, 2019.
New York, 2019.

Dark Days by Michael Sidofsky


Michael Sidofsky is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in elevated travel photography—capturing the essence of a destination with advanced techniques in photography and post-processing.

His images portray a unique perspective of places or things that may seem commonplace to the everyday eye yet trigger an emotional reaction in each viewer.

Dark Days captures New York City on what started out as a bright and sunny day, which quickly turned into a dark and gloomy setting.

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