Artist Spotlight (7th Edition)

Welcome to our 7th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Darius AKA BakaArts (Digital Designer)

  • Grisha Kim (Artist-Architect)

  • Mae (3D Landscape Artist)

  • Per Kristian Stoveland (Generative Artist)

  • AdamGenart (Generative Artist)

Cold Mornings by Baka Arts


Darius, AKA BakaArts, is a digital designer based in Germany who creates surreal science fiction and fantasy-inspired work.

Cold Mornings was one of Baka’s breakout pieces that solidified his trajectory as a 3D artist—inspired by Ghost In The Shell and The Fifth Element.


Towards the dream by Grisha Kim


Grisha is an Eastern European-based hand-drawn illustrator and digital artist who draws inspiration from architecture and nature.

Towards the dream represents Grisha’s embarkment on an adventure traveling the world, creating art, and finding inspiration throughout his journey.


seussian by Mae


Mae is a 3D landscape artist from the east coast of Australia who creates work that embodies a peaceful escapism motif in each surreal landscape she creates.

seussian #50 is a part of Mae’s seussian series, which presents soothing scenes of gradient-toned land masses surrounded by still waters.


Per Kristian Stoveland


Per Kristian is a generative artist based in Oslo, Norway and co-founder of the art and design studio, Void. His work ranges from tight geometric patterns to topographic flow fields that incorporate colorful yet meticulous structures.

This piece is currently untitled but highly anticipated and representative of Kristian’s design prowess.

The Harvest
The Harvest

Fairy Tales by Adam


Adam is a generative artist who began tinkering with creating art using code in 2015. His first collection, titled Folded Faces, incorporated multi-warped noise and Pareidolia to create infinite, abstract art.

However, his current project in development is themed around exploring nostalgia and storytelling through generative fairy tales. This piece below is a part of that collection.

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