Artist Spotlight (39th Edition)

Welcome to our 39th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Corey Crawford (Photographer, Digital Artist)

  • Anil Yanik (Designer and Illustrator)

  • Grant Riven Yun (Illustrator)

  • Michael Salisbury (Photographer)

  • Chris Hytha (Designer and Visual Artist)

Transit by Corey Crawford


Corey Crawford is a professional product photographer and digital artist who grew up in a small town on the South Coast of Australia called Oak Flats.

His passion for photography and visual storytelling kindled a curiosity to discover and capture unique locations while simultaneously developing his skill for composition, which lends itself to his digital artworks.

Transit is a narrative illustration conveying a mysterious story about a man waiting for his train in a dark and ominous station. This piece is part of Corey’s “Era” project, a series of cinematic 1/1 illustrations.


long train running by Anil Yanik


Anil Yanik is a user experience and information designer based in Ankara, Turkey, with a background in industrial design, illustration, and animation.

long train running is an audiovisual 156-frame seamless loop depicting a rainy and late-night train crossing in İzmir, a metropolitan city on Turkey’s Aegean coast.


Last Train Home by Grant Riven Yun


Grant Riven Yun is an analog and digital illustrator who approaches art with a touch of minimalism, nostalgia, and a neo-precisionist motif—emphasizing form and color, while reducing scenes to basic shapes and precise contoured lines.

Some of Grant’s early illustrations are experimental in style, tapping into abstract and psychedelic influences, which coalesce intricate line work and motion, conveying evocative narratives in each scene.

Last Train Home depicts a salesman waiting for the last train of the night after a long day at work. He stands there eager to go home, only to wake up tomorrow to go back to work.


2364 // Searching by Michael Salisbury


Micheal Salisbury is a DevOps engineer and photographer based in Chicago, capturing moody and ethereal imagery, with work ranging from product and lifestyle photography to architectural and interior photography.

2364 // Searching is a late-night photograph of a midtown Chicago train, representing a vessel searching for a home and for meaning in a desolate world conceptually.


PATCO by Chris Hytha


Chris Hytha is a Philadelphia-based designer and visual artist who developed a passion for photography during his time at Drexel University, where he studied architecture.

At school, his visual art developed alongside his skills as a designer, and architecture became an integral influence in his work. Chris’s core inspirations to create derive from light and the built environment.

PATCO is a photograph of the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia and the PATCO Speedline Train bolting across the tracks toward Center City on a quiet misty night.

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