Artist Spotlight (25th Edition)

Welcome to our 25th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Wouter Missler (Generative Artist)

  • Michael Connolly (Generative Artist)

  • Rich Poole (Generative Artist)

  • Rick Crane (Illustrator and Designer)

  • Jason Dartford (Generative Artist)

Thorn By, By Thorn by Wouter Missler


Wouter Missler is a developer, designer, and generative artist from the Netherlands, experimenting with code to create conceptual works, conveyed using geometric and organic forms, noise fields, texture, and motion.

Thorn By, By Thorn is an interactive generative series exploring the natural forms of flowers, presented in various perspectives, colors, and flow fields.

#0028 - Thorn By, By Thorn #20
#0028 - Thorn By, By Thorn #20

(dis)Mantle by Michael Connolly


Michael Connolly is an artist and creative director based in the UK who uses code and software to produce work across a broad range of disciplines, including design, motion, live visuals, and installations.

(dis)Mantle is Michael’s follow up work to his Mantle series exploring colorful graphic design. This series inherits elements from its predecessor, centrally recontextualizing each form and shape.

(dis)Mantle #180
(dis)Mantle #180

fx(mash) by Rich Poole


Rich Poole is a New Zealand-born generative artist creating a wide array of procedural works that range from simple and colorful geometric shapes to intricate and detailed architectural forms to conceptual organic flow fields.

fx(mash) is a generative series celebrating the first anniversary of the fx(hash) platform.

This series is based on a simple algorithm with lines of random lengths and colors diversely and disorderly drawn on a square grid.

fx(mash) #230
fx(mash) #230

Miniscapes by Rick Crane and Rich Poole


Rick Crane is an illustrator and designer who creates minimal, geometric designs inspired by nature.

His work is technical and playful, expressed using detailed line work, soft color palettes, and simple shapes.

Miniscapes is a collaborative series between Rick and Rich, merging generative code with meticulously designed scenes and elements to create minimalist landscapes intended to charm, delight, and surprise.

Miniscapes #232
Miniscapes #232

Staccato by Jason Dartford


Jason Dartford is a generative and digital artist with a self-proclaimed unhealthy obsession with geometry (healthy, in my opinion).

His work explores the realms of 2D and 3D geometry, conveyed with varying perspectives and bold yet complementary colors.

Staccato is a generative series, inspired by minimalist geometric art, containing three basic repeating shapes that form a bold, colorful, and pleasing design.

Staccato #1
Staccato #1
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