Artist Spotlight (24th Edition)

Welcome to our 24th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Nathan A. Bauman (Photographer)

  • Austin Schofield (Photographer)

  • Francesco Rinella (Photographer)

  • Tyler James (Fine Art Photographer)

  • Jennifer Cigarroa (Photographer)

B&L Cars by Nathan A. Bauman


Nathan Bauman is a wedding and adventure photographer from Northeastern Ohio capturing nostalgic, narrative-based imagery of subjects and scenes throughout the United States.

B&L Cars is part of Nathan’s American Reminiscence collection—a series of photographs taken in small towns and cities across the rural American countryside, exploring a past life while serving as a beacon to future generations.


Sleeping Suburbia by Austin Schofield


Austin Schofield, aka AV, is a Boston-based photographer who draws inspiration from impressionists painters, creating soft and gentle yet eerie imagery that explores American settlements.

Untitled is part of Austin’s Sleeping Suburbia collection—a series of photographs taken in suburban and rural scenes at night, conveying a sense of displacement and pushing viewers to question the comfort typically assumed of a hometown.


Dreaming Neon Lights by Francesco Rinella


Francesco Aglieri Rinella is a photographer based in Italy who approaches each composition using a slowed-down process to understand each scene and lighting situation.

His work also draws influence from the New Topographics movement, documenting the Man-Altered Landscape evolving through time and marking cultural and historical points of view of a simple yet effective panorama.

Dreaming Neon Lights is part of his West Safari series, an expedition of the American West and Southwest, traveled by automobile, which documents the decay of a now-defunct era, abandoned even if known and acclaimed in modern culture.


Night Company by Tyler James


Tyler James is a photographer and filmmaker born and raised in New Brighton and Golden Valley, Minnesota. His work captures the everyday, conveying evocative and familiar imagery using artistic elements and visual metaphors.

Night Company is an unreleased photograph from Tyler’s The Growing Road series, documenting his twenty-day journey across the Western part of the US during his time as a DOP working on a docuseries titled “The Story of Art in America.”


Night Wonders by Jennifer Cigarroa


Jennifer Cigarroa is a Puerto Rican artist who found her passion in storytelling her life experiences through the art of photography in both digital and film formats.

Her work is ethereal and bold, presenting light and airy landscape scenes during the day and bright and luminescent scenes at night.

Night Wonders captures a nighttime scene of the White Sands Motel in New Mexico and represents Jennifer’s journey of overcoming past fear from a traumatic experience while walking late at night and the strength she developed in the process.

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