Artist Spotlight (2nd Edition)

Welcome to our 2nd edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains (some not on-chain).

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Rik Oostenbroek (Digital Artist and Designer)

  • Mari K. (3D Designer and Voxel Artist)

  • Claire Salvo (Multidisciplinary artist)

  • Nevin Johnson (Photographer)

  • Francisco Fonseca (Illustrator)

Arcus by Rik Oostenbroek


Rik Oostenbroek is a self-taught Dutch freelance artist, designer, and art director based in Hilversum, Netherlands.

Arcus #8 is a part of Rik’s Arcus series—a dense, horizontal, roll-shaped cloud sometimes occurring at the lower front portion of a cumulonimbus.


Ithakros by Mari K.


Mari is a 3D designer and Voxel artist, creating micro worlds and dioramas with intricate details.

Through Mari's work, she combines architecture, culture, and nature by creating unseen fantasy worlds. Ithakros is a 1/1 Metarchitecture.


Holding on Tight by Claire Salvo


Claire is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles who focuses on figures and faces.

Holding on Tight is a Bic ballpoint drawing of Claire’s hands, representing self-support.


Leave The Light On by Nevin Johnson


Nevin Johnson is a film photographer with an affinity for bold colors and nostalgic compositions.

He found his passion for photography after a road trip with his family to Banff National Park. Leave The Light On is one of two pieces in his Capstone series.


Good Morning and Good Sunday by Francisco Fonseca


Francisco is a 28 year old Illustrator and Street Artist based in Porto, Portugal. His creative process combines pen and pencil illustration with watercolors—creating beautiful landscapes that feel warm and timeless.

This piece is titled Good Morning and Good Sunday. Francisco has never minted his work, but physical prints are available in his Etsy store.

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