Artist Spotlight (18th Edition)

Welcome to our 18th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • SIGMA-X (Architectural Designer)

  • faivem (Digital Architect)

  • Kamulch (Analog and Digital Artist)

  • Serge (2D and 3D Landscape Artist)

  • Kjetil Golid (Generative Artist)

A Day in Brooklyn by SIGMA-X


SIGMA-X is an architectural designer creating minimalistic, illustrative works that capture urban architecture and expansive landscapes.

A Day in Brooklyn is a part of Sigma’s Memoir 721 series—an expressive depiction representing memories forever embedded in our lives.


Blurry vision by faivem


faivem is a digital architect creating minimalistic patterned works that explore the concepts of structure and shape.

Page 2 : Blurry vision is a part of faivem’s Pages series—based on the emotions and fading lives of the people living in the abstraction of metropolitan cities.


New York by Kamulch


Kamulch is an analog and digital artist who records urban landscapes, synthesizing hand-drawn illustrations and digital colorization into visually dynamic works.

New York - City of Night expresses the city’s inherent beauty yet lonely nature.


Relaxing View by Serge


Serge is a Poland-based 2D and 3D digital landscape artist creating surreal luminescent scenes conveyed using textural gradients and interior perspectives.

Relaxing View is a serene interior vantage point of an illuminated city skyline.


Iterations by Kjetil Golid


Kjetil Golid is a Norway-based generative artist and programmer creating procedural works using algorithms, data structures, and contrasting color palettes.

Iterations I is a part of Kjetil’s Iteration series, which attempts to give nuance to the juxtaposition of structure and disarray.

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