Artist Spotlight (43rd Edition)

Welcome to our 43rd edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Monica Rizzolli (Artist-Programmer)

  • M.J. Lindow (Generative Artist)

  • Daniel Calderon (Visual artist)

  • CSLIM (AI Generative Artist)

  • EndlessWorld (Digital Artist)

Fragments of an Infinite Field by Monica Rizzolli


Monica Rizzolli is an artist-programmer from São Paulo, Brazil, with a deep interest in morphology—a study of shapes and arrangement of parts of organisms to determine their function and development.

This interest led her to explore the intrinsic geometry of growth processes in her work, visually expressed through animated patterns whose loops resemble the rapport of a fabric, infinitely chained over time.

Fragments of an Infinite Field is a compositional system in which an idealized plant species is generated and arranged in a potentially infinite field of foliage.


Desert Sun Rising by M.J. Lindow


M.J. Lindow is a generative artist from the western United States, fascinated by using computers to extend human ability. His work shows the hand behind the machine by adding artificial imperfections and ‘hand-drawn’ textures.

As a generative artist, M.J. creates work out of a continued desire to use code to build scalable systems that free creative potential. He often incorporates the natural world and the landscapes he loves into his art.

Desert Sun Rising is a generative series depicting a sunrise, then the world coming alive with color—converting sand and stone into a sanctuary.

Desert Sun Rising #39
Desert Sun Rising #39

Bosque de Chapultepec by Daniel Calderon


Daniel Calderon is a Houston-based visual artist and educator, creating art with code that delves into various subjects, ranging from language and meaning to the natural world.

His fascination with the element of chance and randomness enabled by computer processes materialized through his generative art, forcing him to consider the world in novel ways using algorithmic methods, frequently animated and interactive.

Bosque de Chapultepec explores how a generative art algorithm can be used to make something beautiful that is unique to a particular place and time—in this case, the Central Park of Mexico Chapultepec.


Secret Garden by CSLIM


CSLIM is an AI generative artist based in Korea who was a researcher developing AI models for autonomous driving until a few years ago. Now, he creates new worlds of his own by reinterpreting traditional art.

The Secret Garden, which does not exist anywhere else, is a secret space found in the brain of AI, specifically in the latent environment.

The series provides a conceptual observation of how humans, as mature beings with complex brains and computational systems, find fascination in the development of artificial intelligence, an immature being at the moment.

Secret Garden #114
Secret Garden #114

Bustling Bright by EndlessWorld


EndlessWorld is a digital artist exploring the concept of reality deconstruction using mathematics, programming, and procedural art.

Bustling Bright is a generative art series conceptually depicting the nature of flowers, light, and ground in a planer and abstract art motif.

This work explores different geometric layouts to mimic variants of plant structures in the natural environment while examining the deterministic structures and stochastic variants found in generative art.

Bustling Bright #22
Bustling Bright #22
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