Artist Spotlight (41st Edition)

Welcome to our 41st edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • HervĂ© (Creative Coder)

  • Stefano Contiero (Generative Artist)

  • elsif (Generative Artist)

  • Dean Blacc (Engineer and Designer)

  • Chris McCully (Multidisciplinary Artist)

Moods by Hervé


Hervé is a creative coder and generative art enthusiast based in France, experimenting with motion and geometrics to create conceptual generative works that appear organic in their expression.

Moods is an attempt to create an abstract painting style based on brushstrokes, projections, and more or less random distortions.

Depending on the dosage and the chosen palette, the results can be soft, joyful, or explosive. It will be according to your mood.

Moods #11
Moods #11

Saturazione by Stefano Contiero


Stefano Contiero is an Italian-Dominican self-taught artist born in Bassano del Grappa (IT). He explores self-reflection and expression through a continuous feedback loop between his subconscious and technology.

During childhood, he developed a strong interest in technology and design, leading to a career in tech, and later combined into generative art.

Saturazione — flowing in life, overwhelmed by colors. Staying afloat, one step at a time, in a sea of details. When dancing in a storm of changes, pause for a second. Too much of a good thing is still too much. Take a step back and breath.


Slice of Life by elsif


Elsif is a generative artist based in California who creates digital art with geometric shapes and parametric curves, using math, physics, and occasionally machine learning.

Slice of Life is a generative art series exploring beauty in the ordinary, inspired by tree rings and the stories they hold.

The series began as figurative paintings of tree rings, which Elsif felt was a bit too still and lonesome, lacking the warmth she desired to convey. The artwork then evolved to be messier, more expressive, and more like a slice of life as she see it.

Slice of Life #117
Slice of Life #117

Good, Computer by Dean Blacc


Dean Blacc is an artist, designer, and engineer from South London who developed an interest in technology at age 10, learning from his older brother, who studied computing at University.

Good, Computer is a long-form, generative art collection written in Javascript (p5.js), exploring how minute cumulative inaccuracies create complete images and the forms and harmonies that those images evoke.


TEMPEST by Chris McCully


Chris McCully is a multidisciplinary artist who primarily works as a photographer and producer for fashion marketing in Austin, Texas while creating generative art in his free time.

His goal with generative art is to create work where every output feels like an abstract impasto painting, texture and all, where observers wouldn’t be able to decipher the creative processes which led to each piece, even if they knew it was generative.

“TEMPEST is a generative series portraying a violent and windy storm with elements like ships, waves, clouds, and figures flying, represented in vibrant and expressive paint-like works conveying feelings of turbulence and calm simultaneously.

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