Artist Spotlight (4th Edition)

Welcome to our 4th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Suffoca ° (Digital Artist and Director)

  • Three Panel Crimes (Narrative Artist)

  • Bárbara Carvalho (Digital Artist)

  • Delta Sauce (AI Artist)

  • Dean Harvey (Photographer and Pixel Artist)

Last night I dreamt of spring and fall by Suffoca °


Lewis Boyce, AKA Suffoca °, is an artist, creative collaborator, and storyteller—directing and producing multi-platform work.

Last night I dreamt of spring and fall depicts a nostalgic dream and whimsical journey through seasons past, illustrated in Suffoca’s blue and white grain motif.


The Second Wave by Three Panel Crimes


Threepanelcrimes is a narrative art creator based in California. He specializes in short-form silent comics and animation.

The Korova - The Second Wave is a part of his 1/1 "death wave" series with Stan Yak and Chize, inspired by their graphic novel work.

The ethos behind this series is that comfort and safety are not mutually exclusive and that being with the herd can feel comfy until it proves fatal.


Self-sabotage by Bárbara Carvalho


Bárbara Carvalho is a Brazilian artist currently living in Portugal. Her artwork focuses on representing emotions through contours and landscapes.

Self-sabotage represents the internal struggle of self-doubt and the possibilities that emerge from overcoming it.


Discovery OS by Delta Sauce


Delta Sauce is a Dallas-based AI artist with an illustrative art style. His work conveys nostalgia through evocative compositions and vibrant tones.

Discovery OS is a visual representation of the parallels of knowledge from technology and nature, like fruit amongst the trees.


Brother by Dean Harvey


Dean Harvey is an Analog Photographer and Pixel Artist based in New Zealand. His work is narrative-based, conveying life experiences through palpably nostalgic 8-bit scenes.

Brother is a part of Dean's A Pixel Memoir series, representing an ode to his brother and the moments they shared bonding while playing video games in their early childhood.

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