Artist Spotlight (31st Edition)

Welcome to our 31st edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Deafbeef (Generative Audiovisual Artist)

  • Rami Awad (Generative Artist)

  • Symaxis (Digital Artist)

  • Samer Dabra (Visual and Generative Artist)

  • Marcelo Kato (Conceptual and Abstract Artist)

Series 0: Synth Poems by Deafbeef


0xDEAFBEEF is a Toronto-based engineer and multidisciplinary artist with an extensive background in electrical engineering, sound recording, music, and generative art.

DEAFBEEF began as a generative audiovisual art project in early 2020, created using a C compiler and stored as self contained code written in C language, directly outputting raw numerical data encodable to sound and visual media.

Series 0 is a collection of Synth Poems—short generative music pieces inspired by the sound of analog synthesizers and stored on-chain.

Each piece is generated at the time of minting from a random hash value, influencing musical elements including tempo, timbre, pitch, and time signature.


Tug-o-War by Rami Awad


Rami Awad is a generative artist based in Stockholm, Sweden, creating interactive generative music systems using code.

His work implements phasing, a compositional technique in which a repetitive phrase plays on two (or more) musical instruments in steady but not identical tempi.

Tug-o-War is a monochromatic generative music system that simultaneously responds to multiple interactions (clicks), creating an audiovisual feedback loop.

Tug-o-War #30
Tug-o-War #30

Splitting the Atom by Symaxis


Symaxis is a digital artist immersed in creating symmetrically patterned works centered around events and discoveries of historical significance.

Splitting the Atom is part of Symaxis’s Wireframe Dreams series—a monochromatic collection representing the two Hiroshima bombings, estimated to have killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians.

The Hiroshima bombings remain the only use of nuclear weapons in armed conflict.


Hold The Line by Spongenuity


Samer Dabra, aka Spongenuity, is a visual and generative artist exploring the visual art domain through generative randomness and our implicit connection through data.

His intricate works emphasize the aesthetics of color theory while providing a cohesive multi-medium experience that intertwines the digital and physical worlds through NFTs, plotter portraits, and embroidery machines.

Hold The Line is a visual work of two holding hands conveyed using intricate line work and rapid motion. This piece conceptually represents strength in numbers.


dotmatrix by Black Orbital


Marcelo Kato, aka Black Orbital, is a conceptual and abstract digital artist from Brazil, creating abstract and fantasy-style works in various mediums such as graphic design, illustration, sculpting, and painting.

dotmatrix is a collection inspired by the abstract concept and visual possibilities of the dot matrix, a 2-dimensional patterned array used to represent characters, symbols, and images.

dotmatrix D9
dotmatrix D9
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