Artist Spotlight (19th Edition)

Welcome to our 19th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • William Mapan (Artist and Coder)

  • Detegus (Digital Artist)

  • ThankYouX (Contemporary Artist)

  • Joey Mono (Multidisciplinary Artist)

  • Emily Xie (Generative Artist and Engineer)

Fontaine de Jouvence by William Mapan


William Mapan is an artist and creative coder based in Paris, France, exploring various concepts conveyed through his abstract generative works using pigment, light, and texture.

Fontaine de Jouvence explores gesture drawing through code—an artistic practice that captures movement and flow.


Blue Skies Bring Tears by Detegus


Detegus is a digital artist and painter creating abstract conceptual works that range from layered minimalistic forms with texture to traditional expressive style paintings.

Blue Skies Bring Tears is an abstract visual experimentation exploring the relationship between music and emotions.




ThankYouX is a contemporary artist with a background in street art and modern abstract design, with works inspired by the pop tropes and bright colors of the NYC graffiti scene.

STATE OF THE ART #1371 is a part of his STATE OF THE ART series—reimagining blockchain technology as a medium rather than a tool for distribution.

The collection consists of four large-scale paintings broken up into 400 tiles each, creating 1600 unique digital artworks paired with their physical counterpart.


Le Grande Voyage by Joey Mono


Joey Mono is a multidisciplinary artist based in Indonesia who creates abstract conceptual works using expressive brush strokes and watercolor palettes digitally.

Le Grande Voyage #5 is part of Joey’s Le Grande Voyage series, inspired by a film that represents the relationship between son and father—and also a dedication to his late father, who passed away.


Off Script by Emily Xie


Emily Xie is a New York-based generative artist and engineer who works with algorithms to create lifelike textures, patterns, and forms encoded with elements of her own culture and femininity.

Off Script #17 is part of Emily’s Off Script series—exploring sensoriality through the subject of collage and emphasizing medium and material through distilled expressions of shape, color, and composition.

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