Artist Spotlight (47th Edition)

Welcome to our 47th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Ramenya (Pixel Artist)

  • Nelson Wu (Pixel Artist)

  • Sylks (Pixel Artist)

  • Feem Sitthipon (Pixel Artist)

  • Yamachen (Pixel Artist)

RAMENYA: 故郷 (Furusato) by Ramenya


Ramenya is a pixel art duo of two artists, Brandon and Marcus, who create reposeful pixel animations depicting ramen shops in various lush environments. Each scene is composed of natural light, vibrant color, and candid wildlife, conveying a sense of nostalgia and calm.

RAMENYA: 故郷 (Furusato) is a pixel animation of the Ramenya, a small ramen shop tucked away in a quiet seaside town where a bowl of ramen always reminds you of home.

Backseat Grocer by Nelson Wu


Nelson Wu, aka YUZU, is a pixel artist and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada, creating works inspired by his travels throughout Asia and based around city architecture and food design.

His art practice translates ideas to visual language using environments, props, and character design, conveying his life experiences as frozen memories within looping animations.

Backseat Grocer depicts an afternoon wandering the city streets aimlessly and seeing what's on the side of the road where the aroma of tropical fruits intoxicates the air.


Cloud of tears by Sylks


Sylks is a pixel artist based in Brazil who creates retrowave-themed animations of detailed urban scenes inspired by Asian pop culture. His work ranges from isometric cityscapes to pixelated structures set in bustling environments.

Cloud of tears is a vibrant neon-colored scene of a man waiting for his train at what appears to be a station in the sky on a rainy day where feelings are like tears in the rain.

The year 2060 by Falafeem


Feem Sitthipon, aka FALAFEEM, is a pixel artist based in Thailand who creates narrative animations exploring interior and exterior urban environments. Scenes center around inanimate and animate characters candidly placed within each storyline.

The year 2060 is a pixel animation imagining the future and what the world will be like. It poses the question—is it better than today or even worse? With no trees, no fresh air, and no clear sky.




Yamachen is a chef and part-time pixel artist based in Thailand, creating nostalgic pixel illustrations and animations that resemble classic video game scenes from consoles like the SNES (Super Nintendo System) from the early 90s.

NEO CHINATOWN is a looping pixel animation of an alley from Yamachen’s recollection, representing the culture he grew up in and CHINATOWN from his personal experience.

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