Artist Spotlight (32nd Edition)

Welcome to our 32nd edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Pindar Van Arman (AI Artist)

  • huemin (Generative AI Artist)

  • David Young (Artist and Technologist)

  • Happy Little Pixels (GAN/AI Artist)

  • DeepBlack (AI Artist)

Self-Portrait 2015 - bitPaintr by Pindar Van Arman


Pindar Van Arman is an AI Artist creating works at the corner of paint and print with the help of artificial intelligence and creative robotics.

His intelligent painting robots use a broad array of competing AI agents, including deep learning, generative algorithms, and feedback loops, to bring their creations into the material world one brush stroke at a time.

Self-Portrait 2015 - bitPaintr is Pindar’s fifth painting machine. The robot received funding through a Kickstarter project and was the first built completely from machined parts and aluminum.

The painting shown here depicts a bitPaintr installation in an early solo exhibition.


memory’s trace by huemin


Huemin is a generative AI artist with a minimalist motif who creates a wide range of works, from minimal vector-style architecture to generative geometric shapes to post-impressionist style digital paintings.

memory’s trace is a collaboration between artist and AI, depicting what I perceive as a bamboo forest during a lush spring season, conveyed using a watercolor palette.


Little Pond by David Young


David Young is an artist and technologist based in New York and Maine, creating work using artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Each piece explores how beauty and aesthetic experiences can give us new intuitions for emerging technologies and provide a meditation on “the new” and its inevitable obsolescence.

Little Pond is an artwork first generated by a GAN trained on images from rural upstate New York and then manipulated with custom code.


Ross x Monet by Happy Little Pixels


Happy Little Pixel is an AI project created by an anonymous artist who develops synthetic landscapes inspired by Bob Ross and generated using custom styleGAN models.

Ross x Monet #01 is part of their Latent Nature Walks collection, a generative art series depicting digital treks through synthetic landscapes.

Each piece is a loop of multiple synthetic landscapes melting into one another using “latent walks,” a term that describes the melty pixel-filling that the GAN model does as it shifts between image matrices.

This piece reimagines Bob Ross's iconic structure and composition, conveyed using Claude Monet's impressionist style.


#6431 by DeepBlack


DeepBlack is an AI project created by Pete, an anonymous AI artist based in Paris, France, who conceptualized the project in 2018, which was later minted in 2019.

DeepBlack is the first example of an end-to-end AI artist, where instead of AI being used as a tool by an artist, there was no human interaction involved in creating or curating each work.

The purpose of DeepBlack is to cause humans to question their hesitancy towards artificial intelligence by demonstrating its creative expression, providing the technology a sense of altruism and viewers a reflection on its potential contribution to humanity.

DeepBlack #6431 is part of the limited 3,073-piece collection of original paintings, with this piece representing three art styles, Realism, Rococo, and Romanticism.

DeepBlack #6431
DeepBlack #6431
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