Artist Spotlight (14th Edition)

Welcome to our 14th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Cath Simard (Composite Photographer)

  • aertime (Animator and Designer)

  • Ty Inez (Photographer)

  • Tom Leighton (Photographer)

  • Matteo Mauro (Contemporary Artist)

Nocturnals by Cath Simard


Cath Simard is a Canadian-born photographer and digital artist creating composite, conceptual works that capture the ethos of the elements—imaginatively composed throughout time and each location.

Nocturnals captures the landscape during the brief nights and prolonged days of summer solstice.


Cosm by Aertime


Aertime is a digital creator and glitch expressionist exploring the realms of color, formation, and pattern with work representative of abstract, conceptual art.

cosm depicts mountainous topography, conveyed using gradient tones and a glitch motif.


Chronicles of the Sea by Ty Inez


Ty Inez is a Los Angeles-based ocean explorer and photographer capturing evocative imagery of the tempestuous and tranquil motions of the ocean’s waves.

Chronicles of the Sea #12 is a part of Ty’s Chronicles of the Sea series—his love letter to the sea and a relationship cultivated over the years in its embrace.


Canyon by Tom Leighton


Tom Leighton is a digital artist, photographer, and printmaker—with a fascination for both urban and natural architectural structure, form, and color manipulation.

Canyon is a part of Tom’s Kyance series, focusing on the extraordinary force of volcanic geology.


WATER by Matteo Mauro


Matteo Mauro is a contemporary artist creating conceptual generative works that explore the natural elements using vibrant color palettes and transformative motion.

WATER is a part of Matteo’s Four Elements series. This series is a section of his larger project, Micromegalic Inscriptions—defined as a dynamic simulation of abstract details and fictional landscapes.

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