Artist Spotlight (8th Edition)

Welcome to our 8th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Thomas Collet (Glitch Artist)

  • Lars Wander (Programmer and Computer Artist)

  • MichaĂ«l Zancan (Generative Plotter Artist)

  • Mura Saki (Digital Artist)

  • Anthony Hiley-Mann (Generative Artist)

Proto.RAD by Thomas Collet


Thomas, AKA Chepertom, is a French glitch artist based in Brussels, Belgium, who creates conceptual art using abstract glitch patterns and layers.

Proto.RAD is Chepertom’s genesis piece on SuperRare and the first RAD on the Ethereum blockchain.


How you see me by Lars Wander


Lars is a programmer and computer artist, building visualization tools and creating art using pen plotting which interprets commands from code to make line drawings on paper with one or more automated pens.

how you see me #19 explores the phenomenon of pareidolia, pulling meaningful figures, narratives, and personas from randomly arranged shapes and colors.

Grass.js by Michaël Zancan


Zancan is a former oil painter from the South of France and a longtime programmer who creates plotter art—a form of generative art known to be geometric, making heavy use of shapes, patterns, and lines.

Grass.js was inspired by closely observing a small patch of lawn.


Avenue by Mura Saki


Mura is an abstract illustrator with a focus on minimal architecture and contrasting color design.

Avenue #1 depicts an architectural structure embedded in the surrounding landscape, presented vertically with chromatic tones and an orange focal point.

Z-Huge by Anthony Hiley-Mann


Anthony, AKA MountVitruvius, is a generative artist and software developer based in London, England. His work ranges from abstract cubism-inspired structures to playful cylindrical geometrics conveyed using simple yet vibrant color palettes.

Z-Huge #242 is a part of Anthony’s Z-Huge collection—generative sketches exploring curl noise, color, and constraints.

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