Artist Spotlight (36th Edition)

Welcome to our 36th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • David Brodeur (Digital Artist)

  • Ilkin Abbaszadeh (Motion Designer)

  • Mike Campau (Digital Artist)

  • Yanis Georges (3D Artist)

  • Daniel Karner (3D Artist)

Rewind by Brilly


David Brodeur, aka Brilly, is a digital artist and creative director based in the US. He has created a wide range of audiovisual work for large brands, music artists, and personally through his various “Series” collections.

Rewind is a look into an alternative universe and a sequel piece to “Repeat or Learn,” which gave an outside perspective of the store from the street, looking up at the sign.

This piece provides an inside perspective of the store, with an underlying message focusing on innovation or the failure to innovate.


Back to the Childhood 2 by Ilkin


Ilkin Abbaszadeh is a CGI artist and motion designer based in Baku, Azerbaijan, who specializes in creating stunning visuals of automobiles, products, and space-related works.

Back to the Childhood 2 is a full CGI interior scene romanticizing a nostalgic memory of a day in the life of a kid in the 80s.

Each toy, game, poster, record, and textured wallpaper is reminiscent of what felt like simpler times in a pre and post-Internet age, garnering rapid growth between 85-95.


Unboxing Memories: Poster by Mike Campau


Mike Campau is a Michigan-based digital artist who creates imagery to help elevate brands, support social causes, and simply for the love of making art.

He utilizes various tools from past experiences in illustration, graphic design, CGI, photography—coalescing into the images he creates while portraying motion and emotion in every frame.

Unboxing Memories: Poster is a virtual trip down memory lane and depicts the entire series of "Unboxing Memories" in a single image containing 8000 rendered pixels.


/imagine by Yanis Georges


Yanis Georges is a French 3D artist and art Director based in London, known for his sleek abstract design and organic animations.

Playing with the idea of the future, Yanis explores shimmering, polychromatic worlds that harken to alternate realities.

/imagine is an installation exploring the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the art world while serving as a commentary on the importance of human creativity and the value of preserving it in an increasingly technological world.

At the heart of this installation is a vintage computer inspired by the Apple ii, a symbol of the past, connected to a brain-like structure that generates an endless stream of images representing the future.


Back in 1991 by Daniel Karner


Daniel Karner is a passionate 3D artist from Southern Germany, creating digital art and nostalgic 3D scenes using models, textures, and animations.

Back in 1991 is an homage to the good old days of DOS gaming, portraying an IBM Personal Computer AT with other classic items like the MIDTEC cassette player, original Back to the Future movie poster, and more in this blast from the past scene.

This piece was modeled and rendered with Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray in 2010, which took over 100 hours to create/render.

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