Artist Spotlight (46th Edition)

Welcome to our 46th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Movsum (Geometric Avant-garde Artist)

  • Thomas Lin Pedersen (Generative Artist)

  • Kwame Bruce Busia (Generative Artist)

  • Landlines Art (Generative Artist)

  • Erfan Hoseini (Creative Coder)

Cosmo by Movsum


Movsum is a geometric avant-garde artist whose life orbits around lines, movement, and geometric form. Drawing early inspiration from his natural surroundings and the captivating work of Wassily Kandinsky, Movsum’s artistry elegantly brings to life the convergence of movement and geometry through dynamic design.

Cosmo explores dynamism using contrasting avant-garde elements in collision, without boundary, striking a balance between tranquil colors and individual forms in a broader harmonious composition.


Screens by Thomas Lin Pederson


Thomas Lin Pederson is a former bioinformatician / computational biologist turned data scientist turned software engineer who focuses on improving researchers' interactions with the data they produce.

Pedersen's work delves deeply into the development of open-source data visualization tools, and his artistic pursuits explore the realm of generative compositions and the interplay between digital precision and analog faults.

Screens is a generative art series that celebrates modern art—inspired by aesthetics inherent in screen printing and compositions and colors of Bauhaus, Constructivism, and pulp fiction sci-fi covers.

The compositions in Screens are based purely on strict geometries and play with the tension and symphonies created by combining simple rules. The result can range from chaotic non-figurative to strongly ordered isometric scenes.


Tekton : Optima by Kwame Bruce Busia


Kwame Bruce Busia, aka Bruce, is the artist and creative mind behind Studio Yorktown. As a generative artist with architectural beginnings, he uses code to explore creativity and discover the potential of art in web3.

Bruce’s work combines simple visuals with thought-provoking ideas, embodying his belief in simple yet bold concepts, harmonious color, proportion, and meticulous attention to detail.

Tekton : Optima is a fully generative version of a previously released non-generative capsule collection of ten pieces entitled Tekton—exploring the possibility of creating structures using reusable models, similar to playing with blocks of LEGO.

By experimenting with various massings and blocks through play with toy bricks, the process allowed the visualization of the order in which code is written and repeated to create a convincing illusion of a tower.


Different Intersections - Iteration 4 by Landlines Art


Landlines Art is a pseudonymous artist focused on generating visual art investigating the intersection between code and various artistic mediums. However, he also has a long history of creative experimentation with generative audio.

He creates most of his work using one of two workflows, including Javascript and HTML Canvas in the browser and Python and Blender for detailed 3D renderings.

Different Intersections - Iteration 4 is the culmination of a series of iterations that explore the extensive usage of boolean operations (intersection and difference) on polygons to derive interesting composite shapes.

Different Intersections - Iteration 4 #16
Different Intersections - Iteration 4 #16

Industrial Park by Erfan Hoseini


Erfan Hoseini is a creative coder with a natural inclination for intricate patterns and detailed linework expressed generatively and colorfully. His work ranges from natural forms to abstract depictions of constructed environments like parks and buildings.

Industrial Park is a generative art series exploring the concept of consumerism and overproduction as an idea broadly accepted and adopted over time with little to no societal resistance.

Industrial Park #81
Industrial Park #81
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