Artist Spotlight (1st Edition)

Welcome to our 1st edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • John C. Wingfield (Photographer)

  • Kurt Jurgen (Drone Photographer)

  • Blue Hawk (AI Artist and Photographer)

  • Secret Escape (Traditional and Digital Artist)

  • Patrick (Digital Artist)

  • Sleepy (Digital Artist)

Seasons Change by John C. Wingfield


Hello! I'm John, a photographer and aspiring filmmaker from Alaska. My work primarily consists of landscape photography captured on 35mm film. The image below was captured on film during a recent trip to Maine.


Cloud Surfer by Kurt Jurgen


I'm a drone photographer that typically specializes in topdown photography. But this collection is super special ever since I first flew into the fog with my drone. Every time there's fog I will sprint out of my house to capture it before it dissipates.

This is the Skylon. Basically a miniature version of the famous CN tower, but a rare occasion to see a wall of fog surrounding the tower. I've always dreamed of capturing the CN tower engulfed by fog but I live closer to this one.


Needy by Blue Hawk


This piece, and a lot of my recent work, is a combination of AI and photoshop (though I do more). This piece is inspired by the Ariana Grande song "Needy." The line, "tell me how good it feels to be needed," really struck a chord with me.

Mośe by Secret Escape


Secret Escape is a renaissance-inspired team composed of a father and son. Romans with more than 50+ years of experience, and works created with pen and pencil on paper, digitized, and animated.

This piece represents the statue of Mosè by Michelangelo, hand drawn with white chalk on a black background, animated + sounds. The original physical work is a 100x70, made in 1973 and digitized in 2022.

193 by Patrick


My name is Patrick. I’m from the UK and like to draw in my free time. This piece is my “alien-like” character exploring my garden. I took the image myself and drew over it digitally.

War Dog by Sleepy


Hey! I’m sleepy. I create random art pieces for people in the community. I never minted this one because it’s a rehash of my favorite VVar Dog, and for me, it didn’t feel right minting it. However, I enjoy minting art for people I see show up to spaces and just overall good peeps.

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