Artist Spotlight (20th Edition)

Welcome to our 20th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Isaac Wright (Photographer)

  • Katerina Armstrong (Photographer)

  • Kristopher Shinn (Photographer)

  • Raoul Pascal (Film Photographer)

  • Priyanka Patel (Photographer)

Become The Storm by Isaac Wright


Isaac Wright, aka DrifterShoots, is a photographer, urban explorer, and honorably retired veteran who began his therapeutic journey capturing height-defying perspectives of urban landscapes to help cope with PTSD and depression.

Become The Storm captures a bridge in a blizzard during blue hour, representing life's storms that we overcome.


Ocean Drifter by Katerina Armstrong


Katerina Armstrong is an Aotearoa-based multidisciplinary creative that works across the intersections of photography, spatial design, landscape architecture, and installation art.

Ocean Drifter is part of Katerina’s ongoing Weightless Collection, reflecting the essence of weightlessness found within the higher altitudes of mountains and the depths of the ocean.


For Mom, With Love by Kristopher Shinn


Kristopher Shinn is a San Francisco-born photographer and storyteller who captures evocative narrative-based imagery, conveying feelings of nostalgia and calm.

For Mom, With Love is reminiscent of Kristopher’s fond memories of visiting Cannon Beach, Oregon, with his family and the strong bond he developed with his mom following the passing of his dad.


Countryside Dreams by Raoul Pascal


Raoul Pascal is a film photographer based in Germany, composing captivating photographs of rural landscapes and nostalgic scenes with a focus on light and color.

Countryside Dreams is a calm and peaceful moment, far away from the hectic world, just for the soul.


Back To You by Priyanka Patel


Priyanka Patel is an engineer turned photographer based in Alberta, Canada, coalescing a documentary, minimalism, and lifestyle motif to create imagery that portrays raw emotions and authentic moments.

Back To You represents vague memories from Priyanka’s time in California, conveying a sense of familiarity.

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