Artist Spotlight (12th Edition)

Welcome to our 12th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Leo Caillard (Neoclassical Contemporary Artist)

  • Damian Kidd (Designer and 3D Artist)

  • Sluj (Visual Artist)

  • ClĂ©ment Morin (Director and Motion Designer)

  • Calder Moore (Environment Designer)

Metaverse Museum by Leo Caillard


Leo Caillard is a neoclassical, contemporary artist with an affinity for quantum physics and time, crafting evocative works that merge physical sculpture and 3D environments, prompting observers to reflect on the present in relation to the past.

Metaverse Museum conceptualizes the Reality of the Stone and the virtuality of the Metaverse.


ABYSSUS LUMEN by Damian Kidd


Damian Kidd is a designer & 3D artist specializing in bold and minimal themes using gradients & iridescence.

001 / ABYSSUS LUMEN is a collaborative work from Damian and Ben Fryc and a part of their OBLIVIONI MUNDORUM series—a sci-fi explorative unearthing lost artifacts once used for superluminal communication.




Sluj is a visual artist creating conceptual works reminiscent of 1980’s style military surveillance technology with a synthwave motif.

MISSING LE TRAIN is a scene set in Paris, France, depicting the monitoring of a person of interest who just missed their train.


Chasing The Horizon by Clément Morin


Clément Morin is a director and motion designer based in Normandy, France, creating ethereal narrative animation that explores colorful, vast worlds reimagined from half-remembered dreams.

Chasing The Horizon is a part of Clément’s Journey series, made as a love letter to the games he grew up playing that became inspiration throughout his creative journey.


Calder Moore


Calder Moore is a diverse environment designer and world builder who creates sci-fi inspired animation and illustrations, meticulously capturing each scene and the narratives they convey.

Magg City is a vast metropolis that spans nearly the entire globe, consuming almost all the natural landscape as an endless expanse of rust.

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