Artist Spotlight (37th Edition)

Welcome to our 37th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Leo Mateus (Digital Artist)

  • Carlos Miranda (Illustrator)

  • Qimono (Illustrators)

  • Robbie Shilstone (Animator)

  • Cory Van Lew (Visual Artist)

Distorted Signal by Leo Mateus


Leo Mateus, aka Ghost Paper, is a Toronto-based digital artist, illustrator, and content creator who uses the language of geometry as a foundation for his art.

He coalesces shapes, lines, and angles with bold colors to create futuristic moments frozen in time.

Distorted Signal is the genesis piece of Leo’s “Obsolescence” collection—establishing a connection between forgotten, discarded machines, and exploring the concept of our everyday devices made to expire.


The Compulsive Shopper by Carlos Miranda


Carlos Miranda is an illustrator from Venezuela, living and working as a freelance artist in New York City. His creations are colorful and fun, with a humorous twist to them.

Carlos brings inanimate objects to life and explores solutions to complex ideas using symbolism and dynamic compositions. His influences that include pop art, toys, abstract art, architecture, and surrealism.

The Compulsive Shopper is an illustration based around the theme of compulsion and consumerism, expressed using bold colors and textures with a pop surrealist motif.


Chef by Qimono


Qimono is an animation studio founded by Augusta Sarlin and Maxime de la Rocheterie, a duo of illustrators and mograph artists based in Lyon, France.

Chef is an animation of an endless chopping practice, and Qimono’s tenth piece in their Playground series—exploring anatomy mechanics and satisfying loops.


Itch by Robbie Shilstone


Robbie Shilstone is a Los Angeles-based animator, director, and filmmaker. His body of work showcases a wide variety of styles, themes, and techniques to match each project's narrative.

He pulls from abstraction, minimalism, music, fine art, and philosophy to create soulful works focused on telling his stories and pushing the art of animation forward.

Itch is a visceral, audiovisual character animation representing Robbie's battle with chronic skin conditions throughout his life. This piece is a proclamation to better days ahead as he began treatment.


“CHARGED UP” by Cory Van Lew


Cory Van Lew is a visual artist known for his particular use of bright color, invoking positivity with good intentions. Pulling from moments of his life, Van Lew uses his “Theory of Transmission” to communicate and create works of art.

“CHARGED UP” was inspired by the place where the artistic mind goes when fully immersed in creation. While Cory was dancing in a crowd, he realized that his friend Joaquín was in “The Zone.”

Sliding the fader and mixing sounds into a heartbeat of positivity, he felt compelled to save this moment in history forever.

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