Artist Spotlight (6th Edition)

Welcome to our 6th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Fedor Barkhatov (Illustrator)

  • Kaleb Johnston (Photographer and Generative artist)

  • Jack Kaido (Digital Abstract Painter)

  • Andrea Chiampo (Digital Artist and Concept Designer)

  • Olga Fradina (Multidisciplinary Artist)

High by Fedor Barkhatov


Fedor is a self-taught illustrator and concept artist with a dream-like style incorporating watercolor textures and explorative worlds.

High is a hand-painted illustration depicting Fedor’s signature astronaut character exploring an expansive, colorful world.


Singularity by Kaleb Johnston


Kaleb is a New Zealand-based photographer and generative artist who creates abstract art that fuses color and motion using code.

Singularity displays the event horizon of a black hole using bold and illuminated tones that lead to the center of the Singularity.


Decoder by Jack Kaido


Jack is a digital abstract painter whose art explores emotions, ideas, and concepts through expressionism, color theory, and the digital medium.

Decoder is an evocative abstract painting that breaks the fourth wall by incorporating the platform where it was minted into the concept.


LIMBUS by Andrea Chiampo


Andrea is a London-based Italian digital artist and concept designer who creates work that portrays a petrified ancient world with futuristic elements and monochromatic tones.

LIMBUS conveys a desolate petrified landscape discovered by an alien being who’s indescribable and shadowed in the middle of the scene.


Land by Olga Fradina


Olga is a multidisciplinary digital and analog artist specializing in interior design, influencing her digital work that offers minimal yet elegant color concepts with abstract compositions.

Land 02 is an abstract monochromatic scene depicting a topographic landscape in multiple perspectives simultaneously.

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