Artist Spotlight (38th Edition)

Welcome to our 38th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Vratislav Pecka (Graphic Designer)

  • Nicolas Daniel (Creative Coder)

  • Amber Vittoria (Artist, Author, and Poet)

  • Volatile Moods (Procedural Artist)

  • R.T. Shepherd (Generative and AI Artist)

Forms by Vratislav Pecka


Vratislav Pecka is a graphic designer from Prague, Czech Republic, and the founder and lead designer behind PosterLad—an art project created in 2016 as an escape from the life of a busy designer who desired to start something of his own.

Vratislav believes that a poster’s purpose doesn’t have to be solely a promotional tool but instead a canvas for expressing artistic ideas using simple shapes, vivid colors, 90s nostalgia, and influence from the Bauhaus teaching method.

He developed his Forms Series through years spent exploring composition and color condensed into minimalist, bright-colored GIFs.

This series retains an identical color palette throughout each piece, and a consistent shape and structure to create unique yet kindred Forms.


Surprise by Nicolas Daniel


Nicolas Daniel is a creative coder from France, now based in Canada, who creates colorful 2D and 3D shapes and animations using code.

With a background in web development and an interest in art, he found a perfect outlet for his creativity through creative coding. Nicolas uses various programming languages, such as Javascript, Python, and Blender, to create vibrant and dynamic geometric works.

Surprise is a piece born from a study on cube subdivisions. The output was coded in javascript using the canvas API.


My Collection Of Hypothetical Solutions by Amber Vittoria


Amber Vittoria is an artist, poet, and author working in Los Angeles, California, creating work that aims to represent the nuances of womanhood through abstract form, ribbons of color, and joyous words.

Amber takes advantage of the fluidity of her ink, colored pencil, and acrylic paints, creating aqueous rainbow gradients that dominate her compositions.

My Collection Of Hypothetical Solutions is a piece where the poem came first; leaning into the notion that rest is a form of productiveness within our society, the painting forces the viewer's eye to work to understand its meaning.


Rough Cuts by Volatile Moods


Volatile Moods is a procedural artist and music composer who creates conceptual generative art characterized by its bold use of color, intricate patterns, abstract forms and shapes, and textures.

Rough Cuts is an abstract generative series that explores composition and form by cutting canvas with straight lines. Volatile incorporates coded brushwork, adding a realistically painted motif to each output in the series.

Rough Cuts #400
Rough Cuts #400

Pigments by R.T. Shepherd


R.T. Shepherd is a software engineer turned generative and AI artist, creating various works ranging from illustrative scenes that depict loneliness to procedural patterns conveyed using contrasting colors and textures.

“Pigments is a generative art series that explores the beauty of optical color blending and the power of noise. At the core of the series is a random composition of rectangles made up of dots.

Each work has arranged pigments in multiple layers, and each layer uses a different color from one of the carefully curated color palettes—consisting of three to five colors each.

As the pigments shift by random noise, new hues and patterns emerge, creating a lovely display of color and movement.

Pigments #85
Pigments #85
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