Artist Spotlight (22nd Edition)

Welcome to our 22nd edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Gutty Kreum (Pixel Artist)

  • Mae (Pixel Artist)

  • Khaled (Pixel Artist)

  • Bkvoxel (Voxel Artist)

  • Hasan Göktepe (Voxel Artist)

流星: Tokushima by Gutty Kreum


Gutty Kreum is a pixel artist who creates nostalgic Japanese-themed animation, romanticizing the country’s rural landscape and peaceful way of living.

流星: Tokushima depicts an old yet charming worn-down home in the countryside during a clear night full of falling stars.


Drifter by Mae


Mae is a pixel artist based in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in character design and landscape painting. Her work portrays nostalgic scenes of urban landscapes.

Drifter is an urban scene representing loneliness and happiness experienced at different moments, with hope present.


Sunny Afternoon by Khaled


Khaled is a pixel artist from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, creating vibrant animation that captures the atmosphere of landscapes and environments in the modern world.

Sunny Afternoon portrays an imaginary place inspired by the French/Italian Rivera.


The Dusk Inn by Bkvoxel


Bkvoxel is a London-based voxel artist who creates fantasy-inspired 3D models of detailed architecture in vast natural landscapes.

The Dusk Inn is part of Bk’s Palettes of Dragon Scale series depicting ancient Chinese architecture in a fantasy world.


Journey to Rome by Hasan Göktepe


Hasan Göktepe is a voxel and 3D environment artist from Istanbul, Turkey. His work is meticulous and dynamic—conveying vibrant, captivating scenes of past civilizations.

Journey to Rome is a lush, detailed depiction of Ancient Rome.

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