Artist Spotlight (15th Edition)

Welcome to our 15th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Michah Dowbak (Multidisciplinary Artist)

  • TOKYOLUV (Photographer & Visual Artist)

  • Billy Chitkin (3D Designer and Animator)

  • Rui Huang (Conceptual Artist)

  • Gordon Zuchhold (Pixel and Voxel Artist)

Xero Alley by Michah Dowbak


Michah Dowbak, aka Mad Dog Jones, is an Ontario-based multidisciplinary artist creating vibrant sci-fi inspired works with a neo-noir, cyberwave motif.

Xero Alley is an audiovisual narrative animation depicting an accident in a neon-lit city alleyway.


Honk Kong 2049 by TOKYOLUV


TOKYOLUV is a street photographer and visual artist based in Tokyo, Japan, capturing captivating neon scenes of urban landscapes, conveyed using a mixed media approach.

Honk Kong 2049 depicts a cyberpunk-themed city skyline fully immersed in the digital world.


South Databank by Billy Chitkin


Billy Chitkin is a Detroit-based 3D designer and animator with a passion for world-building—meticulously crafting sci-fi themed environments and narrative animation.

South Databank is a dystopian scene capturing the central tower of Saibren city, where security cam footage, location data, and information sell as currency.


Metatopia by Rui Huang


Rui Huang is a sci-fi concept artist and 3D designer creating expansive futuristic worlds viewed from the perspective of his characters throughout their adventurous journeys.

Metatopia #4 is a part of Rui’s Metatopia series, exploring the mega city in the Cybergen universe.


Neon Mind State by Gordon Zuchhold


Gordon Zuchhold is a pixel/voxel artist from Santiago, Chile, exploring cyberpunk-themed cityscapes bathed in a neon-lit haze.

Neon Mind State is an illuminated scene depicting a droid at the city harbor during a rainy evening.

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