Artist Spotlight (27th Edition)

Welcome to our 27th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Linda Dounia (Physical and Digital Artist)

  • Tim Romanowsky (Abstract Artist)

  • Noumenal (Analog and Digital Artist)

  • GSON (Abstract Artist and Designer)

  • Archie Morley (Abstract Digital Artist)

Frenzy by Linda Dounia


Linda Dounia is a self-taught artist and curator born and raised in Senegal, exploring the social construct of power and the cultural implications of its method of distribution.

Her practice is a conversation between physical and digital mediums, coalescing AI and image-making principles from her training as a designer.

Frenzy is a digital collage made in collaboration with DALL·E, trained on acrylic paintings created by Linda.


Restful Swamp by Tim Romanowsky


Time Romanowsky is an abstract artist and 2d-animator from Leipzig, Germany, creating work using abstraction and figuration in paintings and moving images.

Restful Swamp is an abstract animation conveyed using pastel tones and foreground and background elements, providing an optical illusion of a focused perspective.


Wayfinding by Noumenal


Noumenal is an analog and digital artist who approaches her work methodically while questioning and interrogating the fundamentals of aesthetics and the art experience.

She implements iterating processes and utilizes novel mark-making and modifying techniques from other disciplines, using the canvas (IRL, digital, or both) to investigate the boundaries of formalism and abstraction.

Wayfinding #7 is a digital and analog painting created in collaboration with an HP7475a pen plotter, hand-painted acrylic gouache, pen plotted Posca paints, and Sakura Micron inks.


Thrive by GSON


GSON is an abstract artist and designer from the UK, now based in Sydney, Australia.

His work combines traditional mediums such as painting and drawing with digital experimentation using a process of improvisation and iteration, ultimately discovering the abstraction within the abstract.

Thrive is a vibrant, abstract digital painting with a natural flow, described as “Devoid of purpose. Treading pathways to connection. High on the abundance of chaos.”


Flux by Archie Morley


Archie Morley is an Australian abstract digital artist inspired by expressionism, nature, psychedelia, and the complexities of the human mind—exploring the realm of abstraction, photography, and digital manipulation.

His current work delves into the process of creating abstract digital art through expressive studies and scans of small-scale physical acrylic paintings.

Flux is part of Archie’s Finding Flow series, exploring different feelings experienced within the flow state and more broadly, the complex nature of our minds.

#2 - Flux // Finding Flow
#2 - Flux // Finding Flow
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