Artist Spotlight (13th Edition)

Welcome to our 13th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Gelo (Architect and Digital Artist)

  • Icki (Digital Artist)

  • Manfredi Caracciolo (Concept Artist)

  • Josiah Farrow (Fine Art Photographer)

farrr away by Gelo


Gelo is an architect and digital artist creating works that reinterpret architectural forms conveyed using texture, minimal color palettes, and scale with the help of his small red figure, referenced as the lonely guy.

farrr away is inspired by the spirit of Twin Towers.


Asymmetry - The Root by ICKI


Icki is a London-based digital artist who creates contemporary works that take cues from minimalism and conceptual art—recontextualized to provide a unique commentary on the values of the digital art domain.

Asymmetry - The Root is based on Arabidopsis root growth movements and was created through a combination of procedural generative design and post-processing.


Burnout by Manfredi Caracciolo


Manfredi Caracciolo is an Italian digital concept artist creating works with graphical and composition-oriented influences—focused on lighting, bold shapes, and avant-garde color combinations.

Burnout is a monochromatic evening scene depicting a figure on fire expelling smoke from their head.


Limbo by Josiah Farrow


Josiah Farrow is a conceptual fine art photographer who captures narrative-based imagery exploring the experience of the human condition.

limbo represents the state of uncertainty and the silence in the nothingness.

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