Artist Spotlight (9th Edition)

Welcome to our 9th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • SERIFA (Digital Artists and Design Duo)

  • Billy Restey (3D Artist and Creative Director)

  • Hayden Clay (Visual Artist)

  • Claire Silver (AI-Collaborative Artist)

  • KOOK (Digital Concept Artist)

Addiction by SERIFA


SERIFA is an art and design studio led by Nastassja Abel and Christian Otto, focused on creating evocative AI minimalistic works and visual poetry.

Addiction is a part of their STORE series, exploring the relationship between digital consumerism and its effect on human nature.


TIDES by Billy Restey


Billy Restey is a creative director and 3D artist from Seattle, WA, who creates abstract conceptual art using motion and figurative visual elements.

TIDES is an abstract interpretation of the ebb and flow of the tides and their natural power that erodes land and swallows cities.


A Bite of Water Melon by Hayden Clay


Hayden Clay is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY—creating surreal and visceral dreamlike scenes bathed in light and water.

A Bite of Water Melon conveys the feeling of the last days of Summer and Hayden’s attempt to hold the season’s fleeting moments in his grasp.


Pieces by Claire Silver


Claire Silver collaborates with AI to produce transcendental art, blending classical styles and mythos into synergetic works that feel concurrently familiar and strange.

Pieces suggests a lifetime of singular, chaotic moments coalescing into a figure of coherence and purpose.




KOOK is a digital concept artist creating thought-provoking art using minimal yet bold imagery and text.

Context #6 is a part of KOOK’s CONTEXT collection—an ongoing series of personal questioning of the evolving nature, purpose, and definition of non-fungible tokens.

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