Artist Spotlight (45th Edition)

Welcome to our 45th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • William Tan (Artist and Programmer)

  • Emanuele Pasin / Alessandro Fiore (Generative)

  • Gabriel (Procedural Artist)

  • Michelangelo (Generative Artist and Writer)

  • Daniel Bali (Generative Artist)

Scribbled Boundaries by William Tan


William Tan is a self-taught Indonesian artist and programmer who incorporates various mediums of art into his works, which include generative art, photography, and painting.

His fascination for art and science led him to creative coding after completing his study in mathematics and computer science, which laid the foundation for an introduction to generative art at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena.

Scribbled Boundaries is a generative art series exploring chaos and order, where seemingly random movements on the microscopic scale can be more than meets the eye, and simple guiding rules transfigure chaotic movements into beautiful order.


tratti by Emanuele Pasin and Alessandro Fiore

@em_pasin @whitekross

Emanuele Pasin is a generative artist based in Italy who uses randomness as a creative way to quiet his overthinking mind. Alessandro Fiore is a software developer also based in Rome, Italy, who enjoys tinkering with generative code.

Together, Emanuele and Alessandro developed tratti, which is an Italian word that has a variety of meanings. Throughout the collaboration, they decided to create something that combined their traits ("tratti" in Italian).

They also wanted to represent the turbulent times we're living in now through the artwork, depicted using just lines and a rough hand-drawn motif.

The project's purpose, conceptually, is to convey a message to every disheartened human being: "Stay strong and never let anyone or anything crush the hope in you. Joyful times are around the corner".

tratti #4
tratti #4

this is where i draw the line by Gabriel


Gabriel is an anonymous procedural artist with work ranging from generative drawings on textured fabric-like surfaces to visualizations of organic models conveyed using a simulated three-dimensional landscape.

this is where i draw the line is a generative art series that celebrates imperfection, attempting to simulate drawing straight lines with a marker by hand. Lines beget shapes, which are composed in a variety of manners.

this is where i draw the line #44
this is where i draw the line #44

Your Story by encapsulated


Michelangelo, aka encapsuled, is an Italian artist and writer creating generative art that revolves around language, simplicity, and imagination.

His work explores the concept of asemic writing using lines and symbols that appear like written word without direct meaning, providing space for self-interpretation.

Your Story is a book like no other.

It's the story you always wanted to read, the story you always wanted to create. Any story you want. Your Story is your imagination projected within the pages, to tell a story today, and another tomorrow.

The work intends to appear like a book, with all pieces of the algorithm following this aesthetic direction.


walkinthepark by Daniel Bali


Daniel Bali is a self-proclaimed generative artist in the making with work that explores abstract concepts, from kinematic automata that imitate living organisms to the subject of generative art as code itself.

walkinthepark is a generative art series depicting mazes that are almost entirely context-free. The mazes in walkinthepark have no entrance or exit. Not all of them are solvable. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.

walkinthepark #83
walkinthepark #83
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