Artist Spotlight (23rd Edition)

Welcome to our 23rd edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • 0xdgb (Illustrator)

  • Sebastian (Photographer and Composite Artist)

  • Takashi Fujita (Photographer)

  • TexTrnr (Digital Artist and Photographer)

  • Jan Baumgartner (Visual Artist)

Self Portrait by 0xdgb


0xdgb is an Illustrator who creates self-referential works that often break the fourth wall by providing a third-person POV of his experience and creative process leading up to each piece—meaning the art you’re viewing is about the creation of the art itself.

His work also pays homage to fellow artists and friends like Terrell Jones and Grant Yun in Manifesting Dreams while advocating for cultural values in HERE FOR THE ART.

Self Portrait depicts his signature security camera as an art installation in a gallery.


Gas Station by Sebastian


Sebastian is an Austria-based photographer and composite artist creating mixed media works that recontextualize physical locations, conveyed using dense colors and occasionally motion.

Gas Station is a photograph combined with composite work of a gas station in central Spain.


Audacity by Takashi Fujita


Takashi Fujita, aka eskylabs, is an Australian photographer based in Singapore who captures bold, minimalistic imagery, all shot on the iPhone, featuring strong architectural lines contrasted against oblique shadows.

Audacity is a clean composition of a garbage processing facility’s roof line, presenting a unique juxtaposition between the pure aesthetic and impure facility.


Loneliness by TexTrnr


Tex is a digital artist and photographer creating AI-collaborative works with a minimalistic motif, depicting quiet and desolate environments that feel nostalgic.

Loneliness is part of Tex’s Existence series, depicting light and dark moments from his childhood to adolescence until now.


Think Blue by Jan Baumgartner


Jan Baumgartner is a visual artist from Germany with a balanced, minimalist approach, creating works focused on space, light, and vivid colors.

Think Blue is an homage to the color blue and its soothing effect on the human mind.

Jan created this piece with the blue hex color #005677 and a photograph of a person in an anonymous everyday situation.

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