Artist Spotlight (28th Edition)

Welcome to our 28th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • SAU (Digital Artist)

  • Laura El (Digital Illustrator)

  • Hakimi Hamizi (Background Artist)

  • Mannay (Digital Fine Artist)

  • Gelar Munggaran (Illustrator)

Solace by SAU


SAU is a Japanese-inspired artist based in Toronto, Canada, creating nostalgic illustrations and manga that explore the concepts of atmosphere and memories.

Solace is an illustration set in the wintertime, during the evening hours, with a girl bundled up on a bridge in the city under streetlights.

This piece conceptually conveys a galaxy of miniature stars illuminated by the street lamps above.


Almost Home by Laura El


Laura El is a digital illustrator from NYC who creates evocative narrative-based illustrations, coalescing squiggly line work and flat color textures to create art that encourages the viewer's imagination.

Almost Home is a colorful, nostalgic illustration conveying the perspective that it may be exciting to leave, but no matter how far our journey takes us, there's nothing like seeing a familiar sight and knowing you are almost home.


The Sushi House by Hakimi Hamizi


Hakimi Hamizi is a self-taught background artist illustrating rural landscapes that romanticize the countryside lifestyle using soft color palettes and subtle animation.

The Sushi House is a peaceful scene of a Sushi shop that sits on a vast prairie surrounded by lush green fields.

The shop is constructed of wood and designed using traditional Japanese architecture bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. The landscape is remote and secluded, giving the impression of a peaceful and idyllic setting.


The Ride by Mannay


Mannay is a digital-fine artist and art director based in France who creates Japanese-inspired illustrations and animation that questions our relationship with time.

The Ride is the third piece in Mannay’s Her series and the first animated piece containing original music that he composed. This work is an homage to Miyazaki and an ode to life's journey.

It's about love, about her, about us, about you, and about time. It's about a journey, a visual story. She's a poppy. She's rooted in me.

“The poppy raises its wild and frail flower in the fields, resistant and singular, that no one has planted, whose flame runs through the fields like a message.”


Babaci 10 AM by Gelar Munggaran


Gelar Munggaran is an illustrator and background artist from Bandung, Indonesia. His work captures cumulonimbus clouds, roofs, and trees in urban yet lush environments that make you feel at home.

Bandung Series - Babaci 10 AM” depicts a morning from an alleyway in Babakan Ciamis, Bandung, Indonesia. This piece was illustrated digitally and represented as an animation background with moving clouds.

Bandung Series - Babaci 10 AM
Bandung Series - Babaci 10 AM
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