Artist Spotlight (11th Edition)

Welcome to our 11th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • ANT (Analogue and Digital Artist)

  • Lion Young (Motion Designer)

  • Fabio Catapano (Computational Artist)

  • Charlesai (AI-Collaborative Artist)

  • Studio Brasch (Artist and Creative Director)

Random Access Memory by ANT


ANT is an analogue and digital artist who combines physical canvas and digital elements, creating composite art themed around technology, schematics, and color palettes.

Random Access Memory investigates the visual experience of a computer's short-term memory.


V. Expanse by Lion Young


Lion Young is a motion designer and music composer based in Australia, creating captivating narrative animation that explores the journey of a young Boy with No Name across an expansive landscape.

V. Expanse is a part of Lion’s In Shadow series—a story about a search through the wilderness and the price paid to find what is sought.


Il Bacio by Fabio Catapano


Fabio Catapano is an Italian computational artist and designer who works with code, CGI, and motion—focused on the relationship between society and technology, creating digital works that feel poetic and meditative.

Il Bacio (The Kiss) is a part of his Data Aura series, interrogating the meaning of masterpieces' aura in the era of non-fungible tokens.


Red Candle of Doom by Charlesai


Charles is a French AI-collaborative artist who creates conceptual, illustrative works ranging from current events depicted in the time of Ancient Rome to architectural wonders set in vast mountainous landscapes.

Red Candle of Doom depicts the crypto crash that occurred November 8th, 2022, caused once again by an over-leveraged platform.


Chapter 1, Departure by Studio Brasch


Studio Brasch is the moniker of Anders Brasch-Willumsen, a Stockholm-based artist and creative director who creates works that conceptualize and reimagine natural perceived environments using CGI.

Chapter 1, Departure is from Anders’ The Journey series, representing the moment of departure on a new journey, exploring new territory, and embracing the unknown.

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