Artist Spotlight (30th Edition)

Welcome to our 30th edition of the Artist Spotlight Series, where we highlight artists from different backgrounds, mediums, and blockchains.

This edition’s featured artists include:

  • Jacek Markusiewicz (Architect)

  • Andrey Andronov (Generative Artist)

  • Erik Swahn (Architect)

  • Experimintooor (Creative Coder)

  • 0xGeo (Generative artist)

de|growth:generations by Jacek Markusiewicz


Jacek Markusiewicz is an architect and creative coder specializing in parametric architecture, programming, machine learning, and responsive design.

de|growth: generations explores shaping digital matter, where each token creates an image of a unique sculpture generated with a custom growth/degrowth algorithm.

This series also explores the dichotomy between tangible materials with physical properties and natural limitations and digital materials in simulated environments with no physical constraints or rules.

de|growth:generations #86
de|growth:generations #86

Reflections by Andrey Andronov


Andrey Andronov is a generative artist and developer based in Russia. His procedural work is wide-ranging, from geometric shapes to illustrative scenes and landscapes conveyed using detailed linework and complementary color palettes.

Reflections is a generative series that combines crosshatched design, grain texture, and varying colors and contrast in a square format.

Reflections #122
Reflections #122

Punktwelt by Erik Swahn


Erik Swahn is an architect and computational artist based in Stockholm, Sweden, creating graphical generative works that are colorful, textural, and minimalistic.

Punktwelt explores color interaction, projection and perceived depth, and the aesthetics of simple Boolean operations on form.

Each shape is the result of a single block, a rectangular cuboid, subjected to a series of Boolean subtractions with other blocks, and rendered in parallel projection, oblique or axonometric, in the abstract landscape of the Punktwelt.

Punktwelt #589
Punktwelt #589

Tiles by Experimintooor


Experimintooor is an anonymous collector and creative coder who uses p5js to create geometric generative art, coalescing graphical design, vibrant colors, and bold lines.

Tiles is a generative series that epitomizes Experimintooor’s geometric motif in a 4x4 grid design with overlapping elements and a wide variance in color palettes.

Tiles #1
Tiles #1

Acrylic by 0xGeo


Geo is a technical artist by day and generative artist by night from Toronto, Canada. His generative art ranges from urban architecture and vibrant landscapes to colorful patterns and smooth lines with converging flow fields.

Acrylic” explores the concepts of particles and movement, conveyed using bright and deep colors with smooth lines converging towards multiple endpoints.

Acrylic #76
Acrylic #76
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