Call it WLT: the world's first multi-chain NFT mobile wallet.
June 6th, 2022

Announcing WLT by Satoshi’s Closet: the world's first multi-chain NFT mobile wallet, released on May 23, 2022 and now available on iOS and Android.

WLT's initial 'v0' launches as a secure view-only wallet experience - simply add your wallets by public wallet address to view all of your crypto and NFTs in a single intuitive interface. Learn more:

WLT features & functionality:

  • View all of your NFTs across multiple wallets including cold storage
  • Support for Ethereum, Tezos, and Bitcoin (XCP) NFTs - more coming soon
  • Quickly access collection floor prices, offer prices, links, and more
  • Playback support for all your music & video NFTs
  • AirPlay casting support for music & video NFTs on iOS
  • Bookmark collections and favorite NFTs for easy viewing and access
  • Get all of your ERC-20 token balances and prices with a few quick taps
  • Share public links to your NFTs on social media
  • More features arriving soon! (search, filter, hide, and more!)
  • Multi-chain hot wallet functionality coming later 2022

As participants and builders of an open decentralized crypto economy, Satoshi's Closet believes that a new model of self-sovereign interaction and exchange calls for a new paradigm in design and usability. Fundamentally different from other wallet apps, WLT is built on principles of human-centered design: intuitive navigation, IRL use cases, and not overly technical. WLT is web3 culture-forward, from its creation and behind-the-scenes partnerships to its user interface and design aesthetic.

Satoshi's Closet is also the maker of GLLRY: an interactive NFT display kiosk for physical venues and live events. With pilot installations during NFT NYC 2021, Art Basel 2021, Bitcoin 2022 and more, GLLRY is becoming the go-to solution for displaying and selling NFTs IRL.

'The Art is Not Here' exhibition - New Collectors Gallery, Manhattan
'The Art is Not Here' exhibition - New Collectors Gallery, Manhattan

GLLRY partners include BitBasel, DotConnector, CSTM HAUS, New Collectors Gallery, The Mynt Lab, and more, with additional events and partners for NFT NYC 2022 including, W3bstock, Future Modern, and others.
Satoshi's Closet is in active partnership conversations with companies and brands ranging from art galleries and music festivals to web3 projects and e-sports brands to custodial services providers and lending platforms.
Satoshi's Closet has been on-chain since 2019 as creators of the world's first physical apparel NFT drop on blockchain, The Initial Shirt Offering, and more. Project founders are Michael Pastko (@mpastko@cliveapestein) and Ankit Desai (@kitdesai).

For press & media requests, partnership inquiries, and more regarding WLT, please contact:

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