Exploring the Dark Secrets of the Sea

We are thrilled to announce that after three days of dedicated saving, our Saved Souls has finally been fully revealed!

Our aim was to create something that embodies the true essence of Web3 - the community. We wanted to involve everyone in a unique way and build a story that would leave a lasting impression.

Based on the reactions we've received so far, we believe we've achieved just that!

Saved Soul NFT
Saved Soul NFT

So what lies ahead?

The journey to a complete Saved Soul doesn’t stop here. The Sea is dark and full of secrets and some would say only the most dedicated Officers and Captains will be able to explore it.

To be eligible to our Officer and Captain Achievements, all you need to do is have your Saved Souls unlisted for 5 and 30 consecutive days, respectively.

We have a fair system in place to ensure that only the truest diamond hands receive the awards:

  • Our system will randomly check unlisted Saved Souls throughout the day.

  • If your Saved Soul is unlisted during the check, the number of consecutive days will be increased by one.

  • If your Saved Soul is listed during the check, the number of consecutive days will be reset to zero, and unfortunately, you will lose the awards.

  • You don't need to have the same number of days unlisted for each of your Saved Souls to receive the awards.

  • Please note that if any of your Saved Souls are listed during the check, you will not be eligible for the awards.

We hope this clears things up! Let us know if you have any questions.

One last thing…

Are you lucky enough to have found a Treasure Map? Then you got a head start.

Officer Award
Officer Award
Captain Award (?)
Captain Award (?)
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