Introducing chart accredited Digital Pressings

Digital Pressings are coming to Serenade!

We’re delighted to be unveiling the first new chart accredited format since 2015, the Serenade Digital Pressing. Designed to cater for a super-fan’s appetite for scarcity, exclusive content and community recognition, and delivered with a low carbon footprint of 1/10th of a Tweet, Digital Pressings will be recognised by the UK and Australian chart bodies.

Minted on the environmentally conscious Polygon blockchain, this new format will deliver all web3 capabilities such as verifiable ownership and access to secondary markets, alongside providing perpetual and sustainable revenue streams to the associated artists. 

Digital Pressings arrive on August 26, through a headline release from Grammy winning, global rock icons Muse, in partnership with Warner Records, and their colossal new album Will of the People. This pioneering new format will become the first ever chart accredited NFT release, and following this, Digital Pressings will be rolled out with a diverse host of exciting artists between now and the end of the year, before becoming self service in the near future.

Digital Pressings are coming to Serenade
Digital Pressings are coming to Serenade

Whilst giving fans the basic NFT experience - verifiable ownership of limited edition products from their favourite artists - this groundbreaking new format also gives artists the opportunity to provide exclusive rewards locked to holding the release. These can be in the form of voice notes, unheard demos, BTS footage or anything else that contributes to telling the wonderful stories behind the music. 

Every primary purchaser will be given the opportunity to have their name etched into the history of the record for all of time, joining an esteemed list of first collectors, and becoming part of a community of super-fans that go above and beyond. As an artist-first format, each Digital Pressing has a 15% creator royalty that pushes value back to the artist team in perpetuity.

Digital Pressings set a dramatically improved precedent for the carbon footprint of music formats. For perspective, 1 standard 12” vinyl has the equivalent carbon footprint of 197,000 Digital Pressings.

Each primary sale will be equal to one traditional sale when tallied in the UK and Australian official charts, allowing fans to directly contribute to the success of the creatives they love. Bringing prestige to digital record collecting, Digital Pressings turn consumers into collectors, whilst opening up a whole world of creative potential for artists and their teams. 

For more information please visit Serenade. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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