Seva.Love x has partnered with, a launchpad that incubates metaverse projects to help amplify its message and ethos of NFT's for good to FireStarters global community of NFT and crypto token investors.

About FireStarter

FireStarter enables all communities to partake in the building of a better future. A future that is driven by the merging of philanthropy, community, art, and the blockchain.

“SEVA.LOVE is a notable example of a business playing the positive sum game. There are many consequences for winning the positive sum game. For SEVA.LOVE, we believe they will evolve the de facto donor dependent philanthropy model to a regenerative and self sustainable system for social good. This grandiose vision aligns with the values of the FireStarter community and we are energized to collectively solve this problem, fast-forwarding the present to the future by doing good” - Parul Gujral, FireStarter

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