Karma delegation dashboard for Element Finance

Element Finance is innovating in their governance with the introduction of Governance Steering Council (GSC) and the new concept of voting vaults. Delegates play a vital role in the governance of the DAO and it is essential for everyone to have clear visibility into delegate activity. It is also important to have a streamlined process to onboard delegates and make the process of delegation simple by presenting relevant information about the delegates. To achieve this goal, Element Finance has teamed up with Karma to develop the Element Delegation Dashboard, which also serves as the wider foundation for a data-driven governance hub.

Karma’s custom Delegation Dashboard for Element Finance displays delegate information including delegate pitch, voting statistics, detailed voting history with reasons and forum activity. The insights displayed on the dashboard can be used by token holders to choose the right candidate to delegate their tokens.

The Dashboard can be hosted on a sub-domain of the Element Finance website and serves as a foundation for a modular and expandable governance hub, e.g. KPI overview on governance health. 

For a simplified review of governance activity and as the basis for follow-up actions (e.g. allocation of permissions), Karma aggregates contribution data and calculates contributor scores. The scoring logic is open source so anyone can audit and verify the scores at all times. The aggregated data is also exposed through APIs and can be freely integrated with other applications as needed, e.g. showing governance stats in the forum.

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