Karma and Secureum to collaborate on security auditor reputation

Karma and Secureum are excited to collaborate on issuing NFT badges as credentials to all eligible bootcamp participants of Secureum and help them build an on-chain transparent reputation in the Ethereum security ecosystem. At Karma, we believe for a use case like this, NFTs work better than say Verifiable Credentials. We also decided to keep these NFTs transferable (default behavior) because there are more benefits to keeping it transferable than preventing user from transferring these NFTs.

Secureum’s mission is to further improve Ethereum security by catalyzing a community-focused effort on education & evaluation. Secureum organizes an always-running free online Ethereum security bootcamp where participants learn about smart contract security pitfalls & best-practices. They assess themselves in RACEs which are smart contract security quizzes. Top RACE participants are invited to participate in CAREs — Comprehensive Audit Readiness Evaluation — which are smart contract security reviews of security-minded protocols & CARE-Xs — CARE Extra — which are customized CAREs with collaborating Ethereum security partners.

Secureum has issued over 1000 badges so far using Karma’s NFT badge minting infrastructure for RACE, CARE & CARE-X participants. All the NFT badges were issued on Polygon Mainnet. Participants can view all their badges issued by Secureum in their Karma profile. Here is an example profile of a user showing all their badges. We are working on building a reputation leaderboard of all the participants based on the badges they have earned. Secureum will continue to issue more badges using our infrastructure.

Profile of Secureum bootcamp participant
Profile of Secureum bootcamp participant

One important thing to note is that these badges are not just jpegs but the metadata has evaluation scores in it. You can look at an example metadata here which contains details about the performance of the participant in the RACE, CARE or CARE-X and other relevant fields that will help anyone evaluate this participant in the context of their Secureum engagement. This helps aspiring Ethereum security auditors or security-minded developers build on-chain credentials that can be used to showcase their skills and expertise to potential clients or collaborators.

Any organization can use our platform to deploy a custom NFT (custom name and symbol) contract with one click and issue NFT badges. Issuing badges is as simple as uploading a list of addresses along with info to be included in metadata and minting hundreds of badges in one single transaction! This NFT contract is owned by the organization and are free to use any other frontend service to issue badges.

We are already working with a number of DAOs and other organizations to help them issue credentials as NFT badges. If you are interested in using our infrastructure in your organization, you can reach out to us on Twitter or email info@showkarma.xyz

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