Karma - Idle DAO collaborate on governance mining experiment
July 25th, 2022

Idle Finance is looking for ways to reward members who participate the most in its governance activities. To accomplish this, they recently kicked off a governance mining initiative to encourage contributors to participate in the governance. As per this initiative, Idle will compensate the most active contributors every month. Idle will be using Karma’s reputation system to identify the most active contributors and compensate them. We are excited to partner with Idle and help them make the initiative a success.

One of the challenges Idle encountered with this initiative is tracking contributor activity across their various tools (Snapshot, Forum, Discord) so the most active contributors are compensated. Karma is well positioned to solve this problem for Idle because our reputation engine aggregates contributor activity across all the tools and calculates the reputation score. We aggregate user activity on a daily basis, so rolling up the activity by different time frames is trivial.

Idle will be using our data on a monthly basis to reward the most active contributors. You can find more details about the initiative on the idle forum here.

Idle finance governance mining using Karma's reputation system
Idle finance governance mining using Karma's reputation system

If you are a DAO interested in using Karma’s reputation system for use cases like these, contact us info@showkarma.xyz

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