Karma contributor dashboard for Giveth

We are excited to announce our partnership with Giveth.io to integrate Karma’s contributor analytics dashboard. The integration will provide Giveth with visibility into their DAO contributors and in turn reward them for their contributions. 

The proposal to integrate Karma passed with majority voting for Option 1: Standard Integration. 

What will be included in the Standard Integration Dashboard for Giveth?

  • Contributor activity indexed from Snapshot, Discourse Forum, Discord, Github, Gardens, and Aragon

  • Voting history

  • API access to all data

Although Giveth has used SourceCred in the past to attempt and solve this problem, the team at Giveth is looking to leverage two things that Karma is able to provide;

  1. Flexibility with integration and scoring.

  2. A higher number of available integrations to choose from. 

There is currently a discussion happening around the parameters and weights to choose https://forum.giveth.io/t/parameterizing-our-karma-integration/982. Giveth also intends to use Karma’s indexed data with the Praise system to issue rewards to the contributors, furthering the usage of Karma’s analytics tool even more.

Contributor dashboards can be overwhelming with the amount of information that is able to be displayed. As a solution, Karma allows DAOs to have multiple dashboards, and the Giveth community is looking to leverage this feature in the future.

As next steps, Karma will be working closely with the Giveth team to build a dashboard that suits community needs. We are looking forward to speaking more with the community and providing community updates.

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